Virgo Dog

Calm, benevolent Dog-Virgo — a sample of impeccable behavior, stamina and endurance. The surrounding people like her courteous manners, the ability to put her interlocutor to her. At the same time, people of this combination are not so soft and good-natured as the rest of the representatives of the sign Dog. Practical Virgo knows what goals pursue and will not allow anyone to confuse themselves. He critically assesses his capabilities, is no less exacting in relation to others. According to the combined horoscope, Virgo-Dog — a sociable, friendly person with his own idea of life. Betrayed to close people, honest with himself and others. He will always support and help, but will not reconcile with injustice — he will find a way to express his discontent.

Virgo Dog Traits

Disputable Dog-Virgos are very careful in personal communication. They strive for new acquaintances, are always positive and friendly towards people. At the same time, they clearly share personal and social life. Being a close friend and just a good acquaintance of the Virgo-Dog are different things. This person is kind to people, loves communication, readily helps others. However, rarely with whom he shares his secrets and secrets, trusts only a limited number of persons. Not inclined to idle chatter, does not tolerate gossip. The Virgo-Dog is an integral personality: it does not need external effects, it reasons exactly and essentially the matter. It can not be deceived, entangled with flattery and false compliments, but you can always turn to a difficult moment — help is guaranteed.

Balanced, resistant to life troubles of the Virgo-Dog are not so calm and confident in themselves, what they want to seem. Exposed to fears and doubts, and at times simply indecisive and frankly weak. Are afraid to lose balance, to lose a support in a life, therefore not too trust people. Multiply re-check the information, look at the new person for a long time, before bringing him closer to himself. True, they try not to show their weaknesses to others: they hide from everyone and suffer in solitude. The girl-dog is distinguished by a serious, responsible approach to life. Demonstrates firmness and iron endurance: no complaints, requests for help, but simply a painstaking, daily work on their shortcomings.

Reasonable, restrained Dog-Virgo has the talent to find easy ways to solve the most difficult problems. Patient, calm and extremely perceptive, so she never rushes to conclusions. The main feature of the Virgo-Dog sign is thoughtfulness. This sensible person is attentive to everything, even to minor trifles. He does not just see the true essence of things, but tries to share his experience and knowledge with others. Loves, and most importantly, knows how to give the right advice. And acts unselfishly: does not wait for gratitude, rather, avoids praise and compliments. Virgo-Dog is a modest, reliable and responsible person. Some are confused by his pedantry, an indispensable desire to act by the rules, but he is always responsible for his words.

Virgo Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

The union of these two signs with similar characteristics gives rise to a strong and deep personality. Virgo-Dog is a reliable person, faithful to the interests of his partner. It is not inclined to intrigues, on the contrary, very seriously concerns love relations. Long looks narrowly at the chosen one or the chosen one, before proceeding to courtship. Has a clear idea of family life — the union of two loving people who are committed to each other. Virgo-Dog counts on reciprocity, not in its rules to suffer from unrequited feelings.

Family life with the Dog-Virgo is too measured and even a bit boring. This person is predictable and demanding of those close to him: everyone must strictly follow the rules he has established. Such strictness is justified: the family for the Virgo-Dog is a reliable support and source of inspiration. Only at home, she can calmly rest from all worries and worries. The Virgo-Dog does not allow even the thought of betrayal on the part of close people. For this person, a divorce is a collapse of hopes, a complete loss of life’s reference points.

Virgo Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Hardworking Virgo-Dogs will be able to find employment in any field of activity, if, of course, they deem it necessary. Not vain, do not seek universal recognition. With all his brilliant abilities, Virgo-Dog will easily agree to the position of assistant manager. He knows how to get along with people, knows how to communicate information intelligibly to them. Scrupulously fulfills his duties, long and methodically achieves the desired result. For her the main thing: work for the benefit of the common cause, regardless of one’s own interests.

Despite the calm and thoughtful nature, Virgo-Dog is a creative person. Has not only logical thinking, excellent memory, but also a rich imagination. He likes to surround himself with beautiful things, he knows the art perfectly. If he does not choose a profession related to creativity, he will find a work for himself: embroidery, collecting, design. Dog-Virgo perseveres in achieving its goals, is sensible and practical. She is able to turn her hobby into a profitable business.

Virgo Dog Man

The man of this sign combination always follows the rules, everything is clearly planned in his life. He is distinguished by honesty, hard work, willingness to fight and win. Will not be satisfied with the intermediate result, always goes to the end. This is a realist and materialist, but with a sensitive, restless soul. Virgo-Dog — a collected, reserved man, while defenseless against cruelty and injustice, although he tries not to show his weakness. It seems self-sufficient, self-confident person. People of this type are good leaders, skilfully leading the team to labor victories. In a romantic relationship, he — ardent boyfriend, persistently seeks the favor of the chosen one. Very attached to his family and endlessly devoted to her.

Virgo Dog Woman

Charming Virgo-Dog woman possesses artistic talent, likes to rotate among people. Cleverly presents her beauty, has good manners, intuitively feels how to behave at a given time. Sometimes it is emotional and unrestrained, but this behavior is more likely an exception, than the rule for a charming, soft and tactful woman. Virgo-Dog is confident enough to build bold plans for life. And she is smart enough, hardworking to achieve her dream. But she will not give up the help of a strong man who can lift her to the heights of success. In personal relationships, she prefers to receive more than give. The family gives her a sense of stability and reliability, the house is a place of rest and peace.

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