Aries Dragon

This irrepressible man does not see obstacles before himself, his whole life is devoted to struggle. Aries-Dragon is an ardent nature, in him a temperament of tremendous power is felt. Nature endowed him with the qualities inherent in this leader: courage, determination, purposefulness. True, Aries-Dragon is distinguished by impulsiveness and intolerance to other people’s shortcomings. It’s better to be friends with him, and not quarrel. As an enemy, he is simply terrible: merciless and adamant. According to the combined horoscope, a man born under the sign of Aries-Dragon, too self-confident and proud. He does not notice obstacles, does not want to reckon with another’s opinion, always goes ahead. With all his strength he aspires to glory and greatness, and nothing else interests him.

Aries Dragon Traits

The imperious Aries-Dragon does not consider it necessary to listen to the opinion of other people. He is smart, smart, and absolutely confident in himself, so he sees no point in consulting with anyone. He is a born leader, skilfully leading people. He is not inclined to superfluous experiences, often ignores the generally accepted norms of morality. For Aries-Dragon the main thing in life is to achieve success, and how he will come to the cherished goal — it does not matter. He considers his opinion to be the only correct one. He does not avoid communication, rather friendly with people, but only for selfish purposes. It is an excellent manipulator, does not miss a single opportunity to impose its point of view. However, it is so charming that it does not arouse suspicion among others.

A distinctive feature of the character of Aries-Dragon is an exorbitant ambition. Always assembled and focused on his goal. He can not afford such luxury as despondency, tears and emotions. Acts swiftly, without wasting time for long meditations. In pursuit of success, he forgets to pay attention to important trifles, but thanks to his luck he avoids serious trouble. Indeed, the Dragon-Aries looks like a happy man, fully satisfied with his life. He is distinguished by his cheerfulness and optimistic approach to any problem. After all, Aries-Dragon believes in its indispensability: only he is able to achieve an excellent result. And the sympathy of the surrounding people only offends him.

The man of this combination of signs is always in sight, surrounded by many people. The Dragon-Aries is too bright and unusual to remain unnoticed. It feels such power and strength that everyone’s attention is assured. Particularly noticeable is the influence of this charismatic personality on the opposite sex. Although the Dragon-Aries does not resort to tricks, he does not try to please. Behaves naturally and even a little detached: he does not have time for stupidity. All his life is spent in pursuit of a dream, in an effort to prove his superiority. Therefore, the surrounding or should support the Aries-Dragon in everything, or just do not interfere. The sentiments, the conversations on sublime themes are inappropriate: great deeds await him.

Aries Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

Proud, wayward Aries-Dragon is not ready to make sacrifices, even for the sake of a loved one. Although this behavior can lead to problems on the personal front. Each of the Dragon-Aries dreams of meeting a worthy partner, but is not going to concede to him the role of leader. For him, a strong feeling is an incentive for career growth, so do not be tender. Most likely, the Dragon-Aries will do without romantic courtship, but simply take the chosen one or the chosen one by the hand and lead him / her.

According to the family horoscope, marriage does not change the habits of Aries-Dragon. He remains true to his convictions: still active and purposeful. For this person there is nothing more important than one’s own interests. Therefore, relatives should have patience and wait for the busy Aries-Dragon to find time for them. But he — a real earner, his family does not know the need for anything. Just has a small weakness: he likes to command, carefully controls the life of the second half and children.

Aries Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

The ambitious Dragon-Aries can achieve great heights if he learns to trust other people. Too arrogant and proud to listen to the opinion of colleagues at work. Although, sometimes it would not hurt to take into account the interests of employees. But he is very responsible and hardworking, he does everything possible for the prosperity of the common cause. Of course, Aries-Dragon does not agree to any other position, except for the head of the head. Can he obey someone else’s will? He is a born leader: he has power to face.

It is necessary to give credit to the business grasp of Aries-Dragon: has the talent to conclude profitable deals. This fast-paced, intellectually developed and tenacious person knows how to benefit from a hopeless business. He does not need to help, the main thing is not to interfere. Each of the Aries-Dragon, regardless of gender, has an iron will, steadfastness and purposefulness. Therefore, even in the creative profession is able to achieve great success, because he does not waste time on unnecessary experiences.

Aries Dragon Man

Proud Aries Dragon man is determined to succeed, he believes in his great destiny: brilliant accomplishments, fame — that’s his lot. With enthusiasm, he takes any cause, is energetic, clever and active. This is an excellent leader, although sometimes his narcissism harms his work. Dragon Aries man is so confident in himself that many people seem like a stubborn. Women can leave their fantasies on the topic: everything will change after the wedding. Aries Dragon is the only leader in the family, only he depends on the well-being of the union. The freedom-loving man does not hurry to bind himself by marriage, loves beautiful, intelligent women. He enjoys romance even when he is married.

Aries Dragon Woman

A strong-willed Aries-Dragon woman does not recognize the boundaries and limits. She strives to achieve success in all spheres of life, it is important for her to be able to fulfill all her dreams and fantasies. Settled for a successful career, ready to sacrifice for great goal with her personal life. Men should understand that they are dealing with a single-minded woman who does not have time for ironing, washing and cooking borscht. Sharpen it in four walls is impossible, it will not connect life with a despot and a tyrant. The truth is too quiet partner quickly tired, Aries Dragon woman bright, ambitious, she needs a spirit of competition. At the same time, she does not lack ordinary female weaknesses, she expects romantic actions from men.

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