Capricorn Dragon

According to the combined horoscope Capricorn-Dragon — a strong man, the master of his fate. He believes in his success, and not just dreams, but actively acts. He is not afraid to lose, he stubbornly accepts failures. Stubborn, wayward Capricorn, in alliance with the noble Dragon, acquires strength and peace of mind. Holds modestly, but with great dignity: does not seek easy ways, does not ask for condescension. Dragon-Capricorn in his life achieves his hard work, is distinguished by purposefulness and efficiency. It combines the qualities inherent in both signs: dreaminess and practicality, emotionality and secrecy. This is a born winner, has a powerful energy and tremendous charisma.

Capricorn Dragon Traits

A low-key, somewhat withdrawn Capricorn-Dragon gives the impression of a proud and narcissistic person. Although in fact he knows how to feel compassion and is always ready to help. Optimistic about everything that happens, loves life and does not avoid communication. Simply does not consider it necessary to demonstrate their emotions, does not want to seem weak and vulnerable. But close people know about all the advantages of the Dragon-Capricorn and highly appreciate his friendship. He is an interesting person with a broad outlook and a great sense of humor. He likes to have fun, but only in a close company. He readily responds to requests for help and is very offended if his services are unclaimed.

This willed person lives in accordance with his beliefs. With all his might he wants to win, but he will not be distressed by defeat. Dragon-Capricorn builds ambitious plans and successfully implements them. Do not waste your time in vain, avoiding arrogant and grumpy people. Capricorn-Dragon is not interested in gossip and empty gossip, rarely shares with others their problems. If you encounter obstacles, you will find a way to overcome them yourself. But with great relish gives advice to others. The combined horoscope indicates his need to take someone else’s responsibility for himself. Most often in this field, the Dragon-Capricorn is defeated, eventually leaves its attempts to make the world better.

The ambitious Dragon-Capricorn is aimed at a high result, but does not take the energy and energy to it. He does not like to spend time idly, he does not know how to be content with small things. Dragon-Capricorn tends to be useful to people, but does not forget about their own interests. Throughout his life he seeks ways to realize his talents. It is vital for him to be able to translate his dreams into reality. Sometimes Capricorn-Dragon overestimates himself and makes serious mistakes. But in this case he does not lose his dignity, he tries to find a way out of the situation. Capricorn Dragon is a secretive person, carefully guarding his secrets and secrets. He is looking for peace in solitude, and people only have to watch him and enjoy his success.

Capricorn Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

The love horoscope of Capricorn-Dragon points to his secrecy and seclusion. He is afraid to be disappointed in people, is hard to betray and deceive. In addition, the Dragon-Capricorn is not very sophisticated in heart matters. It is difficult for him to give confessions of love: he feels embarrassed and embarrassed at the object of his passion. Therefore, personal life does not develop as well as he would like. Although it produces a pleasant impression and has success with the opposite sex.

For the Dragon-Capricorn family and home — a reliable rear, a refuge from all troubles. Here he finds solace in moments of despair, but he never admits this. In turn, does everything possible for the happiness of loved ones. True, acts in accordance with their own desires and does not listen to their opinion. From the first days of marriage, she alone makes all decisions. The stubborn, imperious Dragon-Capricorn can not reconcile his pride. Therefore, he is the instigator of family quarrels.

Capricorn Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

For Capricorn-Dragon work is a great opportunity to realize their ambitions. Will not be content with a modest position, will try to occupy a high position. Has no doubts about his own success, because he works so much and hard. Fate is supportive of this single-minded person, but the Dragon-Capricorn itself exerts a lot of effort. It has all the qualities that are characteristic of a good leader: responsibility, perseverance, discernment.

Dragon-Capricorn early learns its purpose. All his life he faithfully serves his beloved cause, rarely changes his place of work. This talented, organized, intellectually gifted person is an excellent worker. Responsible for his duties, skillfully co-ordinates the work of employees. He does not seek close communication, but he maintains good relations with all his colleagues. Although the ambitions of Capricorn-Dragon are so great that most often he chooses his own business, rather than teamwork.

Capricorn Dragon Man

The combination of the Capricorn and the Dragon signs gives rise to powerful, strong-willed people. They are distinguished by their lack of words, prefer to act, and not waste time talking. The Capricorn-Dragon man is completely focused on the result, strives for victory at any cost. He can arrange only a high post, at least he will do everything possible for this. Women are not in a hurry to reveal their feelings to him, this ambitious man seems too unapproachable and cold. But with close acquaintance, imbued with confidence in the Dragon Capricorn. He is able to restore order not only in his life, but also easily solves the problems of the chosen one. His devotion to the interests of the family is admired and respected.

Capricorn Dragon Woman

The Capricorn-Dragon woman is very complex, she is not inclined to compromise. Resolutely and persistently follows their goals, usually her plans are not related to the family, at least in her youth. She attracts a successful career, from an early age dreams of a leader’s chair. Has a good business acumen, quickly and confidently solves the most difficult issues. But she does not listen very much to advice, although sometimes she should. She does not trust people, she fears betrayal. But open to love: Capricorn-Dragon woman capable of a deep feeling. Waiting for a man to worship, instant fulfillment of all whim. But she is ready to make concessions, if the chosen one can conquer her heart.

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