Gemini Dragon

These mobile, energetic people find ways to realize their ideas. In all cases, they are lucky, because they subtly feel the world around them. If only their fiery temperament does not interfere with listening to the voice of intuition. A noble, strong Dragon holds back the influence of the restless sign of Gemini. Therefore, the man of this combination is distinguished not only by dexterity, cheerfulness, but also by rare sanity. According to the combined horoscope, Gemini-Dragon is an active and very successful person. Nature has endowed him with many talents, but, perhaps, the most important of them is discernment. This is a business, purposeful person: his actions are clearly verified, logical and always appropriate.

Gemini Dragon Traits

Charming, cheerful Gemini-Dragon — a favorite of society, especially not indifferent to him, representatives of the opposite sex. Always gallant and courteous, with great respect for the interlocutor. He likes to lead long spiritual conversations, and not necessarily on serious topics. Dragons-Gemini like to be in the center of attention, and on what occasion a friendly company has gathered — it does not matter at all. True, the courteous demeanor of the Dragon Twin should not be misleading: he always remains at his own opinion. With close acquaintance, this cute person can demonstrate the second side of his nature — a despot and a stubborn. There is so much passion, energy and fire in him that he can not be quiet and humble.

By nature, this is an emotional person, prone to strong experiences. However, the Gemini-Dragon is no less restrained and judicious, therefore it is able to direct energy in the right direction. Practically always achieves the conceived, and does it easily, without exerting effort. And it’s not even in his natural luck, but in the ability to competently distribute his forces. Do not get frustrated over trifles, always cheerful and energetic. In every Dragon-Gemini, regardless of sex, a powerful energy potential is laid. It remains only to properly dispose of their talents and most often it succeeds. Even if, under the influence of emotions, he performs impulsive actions, he always finds a way to calm down and move on.

Among the many advantages of the Dragon-Gemini can be distinguished his excellent sense of humor. Goes through life easily, as if not noticing difficulties and obstacles. Do not cry and roll up hysterics, just laugh at the failure and continue his journey further. Others like his ability to achieve his goals, regardless of any difficulties and problems. He is distinguished by a positive attitude, the ability to withstand tests. Although it is worth mentioning the main feature of the Gemini sign is incontinence and impermanence. Therefore, nothing can prevent the Dragon-Gemini dramatically change their plans: to throw all the cases and engage in self-criticism. Fortunately, natural optimism does not allow him to fall to the bottom of depression.

Gemini Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

The love horoscope foretells the Dragon-Gemini a rich personal life. These temperamental people are emotional and unrestrained when it comes to feelings. They know how to attract attention to themselves. Every try is made to make it special and unforgettable. However, they are quite serious about choosing a partner. No matter how strong love is, they will not associate life with a frivolous person. For them, the family is a strong rear, so they can not be mistaken.

This person is very responsible to family responsibilities. He will never leave his loved ones alone with problems. A caring and gentle Dragon-Gemini is the ideal husband or wife. He does not get bored with him, he lives interestingly and with great taste. His imagination has no limits, that’s why he organizes family holidays and family holidays. However, he is not inclined to make concessions: the Dragon-Gemini are the leader and authority. Jealous, suspicious, does not allow outsiders to interfere in the affairs of the family.

Gemini Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

A man born under the sign of Gemini in the year of the Dragon, has a business grasp and tenacity. Differs sharp mind and an excellent memory, besides it is cunning and cunning. Therefore, you should not even try to mislead him. In relation to colleagues and business partners, he behaves honestly, always acts in fairness. Although he likes to hear praise in his address, but at work he keeps modestly. If you do not forget to compliment him from time to time, the Gemini Dragon will be absolutely happy.

Active to the Gemini-Dragons do not like a quiet life. They are attracted by work related to public activities and frequent travel. They can take place in the creative field: an actor, a script writer, a presenter, a writer. However, they will not get lost among bank employees, engineers, doctors. From the Gemini-Dragons, good teachers can turn out, because they get on well with their children. The main thing is to determine the goal. If they are inspired and happy, they will certainly succeed.

Gemini Dragon Man

Restless Gemini-Dragon man finds time to implement all of his plans. He is distinguished by the ability to think soberly, the ability to plan life competently. At the same time, this is a cheerful and active man, loves spending time in the company of women. Gemini-Dragon man is avid to compliments, it is important for him to realize his importance. But no matter how sweet and good-natured he was, he would never turn off the planned path. If he made the decision, then once and for all. A woman must either agree or step aside. Tears and requests, he certainly will not give, too self-confident. And often it turns out right, has a natural flair, it is well oriented in what is happening around.

Gemini Dragon Woman

The Gemini-Dragon woman seeks to get everything from life: success, material prosperity, love. She does not need the help of a man, is fully capable of independently implementing all her, even the most ambitious, plans. This is a very artistic, addicting nature, while not deprived of business acumen. Any spheres of activity are subject to it, if it does not become a director, it will be able to organize its own business. She also actively manifests herself in her personal life, she is a born leader: she strives to lead everyone, including a beloved man. It happens unfair to the partner, makes high demands, often does not consider it necessary to restrain their emotions.

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