Pisces Dragon

Kind and soft Dragon-Pisces gives the impression of a fragile, defenseless man. He tries for people, seeks understanding and support. At the same time it is distrustful, secretive, and sometimes excessively exacting. The dragon generously shares with the Pisces his strength and determination, and he gains softness, flexibility and ease in communication. According to the combined horoscope Dragon-Pisces — an ambiguous personality, which is characterized by internal struggles, doubts and emotions. In communication, he is attentive, tactful and even a little shy, inspires trust and sympathy. At the same time, he is capable of decisive actions, and, if necessary, he can stand up for himself. Dragon-Pisces can surprise, there are many mysteries in it, but its main features are sincerity and sincerity.

Pisces Dragon Traits

The combined horoscope of these two signs of the zodiac is quite successful: the assertive Dragon and impressionable Pisces do not enter into conflict, but rather successfully complement each other’s character. People of this combination, although they hesitate in making important decisions, but clearly understand what they want from life. Moreover, they know how to insist on their own and always achieve what they want. They prefer to act, not to think, in competition they are not afraid to be persistent, demanding and even aggressive. Dragon-Pisces does not trust those around him, but relies more on his intuition. He is delicate and careful in communication, trying to please people. He’s worried about his own reputation, afraid of getting into an embarrassing situation. True, sometimes he forgets about his fears and starts all the hard.

The man of this combination has a rich imagination and developed intuition. Sometimes he gets so carried away with his dreams that he forgets about real life. The illusory world of fantasies gives Dragon-Pisces a sense of peace and comfort, here he feels completely safe. He is wise and astute: he does not make mistakes in his assessments, he rarely faces serious problems. Therefore, he can be calm for his future, he has everything to feel comfortable. But all the same, he is cautious and shows prudence that is rare for the impulsive Dragon. This is not an adventurer or an adventurer, but a serious, reasonable person. Loves solitude, stops any attempts to invade his personal space.

Pisces-Dragons try to behave impeccably in communicating with strangers. But with their loved ones they do not restrain their emotions: they can even flare up because of a trifle. Nature has endowed them with the ability to subtly feel the world around them, but they can not always take this gift right. Dragon-Pisces becomes irritable and demanding if he feels that he is deceived or forced to act against his will. Therefore, he tries to immediately identify his position. If others do not take into account his opinion, express obvious disrespect or disregard, the Dragon-Pisces can get angry without a joke. Rage, shouts, reproaches — uncharacteristic behavior for this quiet and calm person. Therefore, it is better not to bring it to the extreme, the Dragons are irresistible in anger.

Pisces Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

Sensitive and emotional Dragon-Pisces is looking for the love of all life, he is not interested in fleeting connections and flirting on the side. Too wounded and tender to allow someone to break his heart. Needs love and care, therefore, first of all draws attention to the partner’s spiritual qualities, and not his appearance and social status. According to the love horoscope Dragon-Pisces — temperamental, sensual partner, he has many fans or fans. He also has a huge sexual potential that can not be hidden.

Delicate Dragon-Pisces does not like to quarrel over trifles and find out the relationship, preferring to solve all issues with the help of diplomacy. Dragon-Pisces knows how to insist on it without quarrels and scandals. Therefore, it is this quiet, complaisant person, to the surprise of those around him, who is the head of the family. He does not hesitate to talk about how he sees family life. Experiencing moral suffering, if he sees that a loved one does not understand him. With all his heart he is devoted to his half and children, he does not even think about treason. Therefore, divorce is a great rarity for families of Dragon-Pisces.

Pisces Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

This creatively gifted, highly intelligent person does not tolerate boredom and monotony in business. Dragon-Pisces should love its work and get pleasure from it, but it can not be otherwise. There are a lot of ideas in his head about how best to organize the workflow. Dragon-Pisces is distinguished for diligence, purposefulness, prudence. He has a wide imagination and a broad outlook, he knows how to make quick decisions. It can achieve success in any field of activity, because it is always surrounded by faithful like-minded people.

Dragon-Pisces will not humble himself and ask for indulgence. If the authorities do not understand him, then it’s time to become the leader himself. This person will not miss the chance to start his own business: work is an important part of his life. He does not hesitate to offer his services, he is not afraid to speak to the public. Dragon-Pisces loves to fantasize, come up with original ideas and know how to best implement them. He comes up with creative professions, because he must share his experiences and inner peace with others.

Pisces Dragon Man

Dragon-Pisces man all his life trying to find a balance, full of doubts and contradictions. He is fully capable of decisive action, while being kind and genteel. A timid man is prone to make mistakes, he can not always understand which road he should go. But he thinks of himself as a defender of ideals, a principled and fair man. We must give it its due: it is distinguished by a serious approach to life, hardworking and disciplined. Women can not doubt its reliability, but must fully realize the degree of responsibility: Pisces Dragon is very attached to his chosen one. In the power of a woman to inspire, elevate or plunge into the abyss of suffering the man of these signs.

Pisces Dragon Woman

Emotional Dragon-Pisces woman lives with her feelings, always follows an inner sensation. Often there are rights, but there are also unfortunate mistakes. She is distinguished by kindness and sincerity, trusts people, tries to help them in everything. But do not forget about work, successful promotion on the career ladder is not a vital necessity, rather flattering her vanity. She is afraid to miss something particularly important in her life, so she tries to catch everything. The Dragon-Pisces woman needs a strong partner, will be able to find happiness in the family. Willing to obey the will of her husband, despite her willful character and desire to command. Moreover, all the main decisions will always come from it.

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