Sagittarius Dragon

This cheerful, optimistic person knows how to enjoy life. In communication is simple, friendly, does not fixate on trifles and does not create unnecessary problems. The main feature of the Sagittarius sign is optimism: it is always cheerful, believes only in the best. In addition, the Dragon generously shares his strength and energy with him. This person is self-confident and ready for any tests. Sagittarius-Dragon is devoid of arrogance and vanity, is open to communication, gets along well with people. This is one of the most calm and good-natured Dragons, his love of life can only be envied. He is able to cheer, cheer up, that’s why he attracts people to him. In general, the Dragon Sagittarius is a pleasant person in every respect, the fate is favorable to him.

Sagittarius Dragon Traits

According to the combined horoscope Dragon-Sagittarius — a strong personality. He persistently moves towards his goal, possesses all the qualities of a leader: mind, determination, ambition. The surrounding people do not dispute his right to power, they do not even attempt to resist. After all, the Dragon Sagittarius is a charming man, can not he obey? He is able to locate an interlocutor, has the talent to find a common language with everyone without exception. Around the Dragon-Sagittarius, life boils and bubbles, although sometimes it needs solitude. But he can not fail those who trust him and ask for help. Acts quickly and decisively, not afraid to take risks. Has a developed sense of self-preservation, with honor withstands any tests.

The good-natured, sympathetic Sagittarius-Dragon knows how to get along with people, moreover, puts their interests above their own. Helps all those in need, if not financially, at least with good advice. This person is flexible in communication, sensitive to other people’s suffering. Dragon-Sagittarius does not frighten any difficulties, for him, inaction is a sign of weakness. His nobility and readiness for self-sacrifice deserve respect and admiration. With his strong employment, Sagittarius-Dragon finds time to get to know people’s problems. Patient, attentive and kind, therefore helps selflessly and with great desire. Gets satisfaction from the work done, even if he works for the benefit of people, and not for his own enrichment.

Such a cute and courteous Dragon-Sagittarius is capable of decisive actions. He is distinguished by strong will and determination. Ready to indulge the weaknesses and whims of other people, but until a certain point. Usually attacks of anger do not last long, but make an indelible impression on others. The fury of the Dragon is so strong that it can not be resisted, it only remains to be reconciled. At this point, do not argue with him and provoke him to be rude. Dragon-Sagittarius is good as a friend and adviser, it is not necessary to aggravate relations with this kindhearted person. In addition, smart, shrewd, you can trust him. It is better not to question his high moral principles and sincere desire to help.

Sagittarius Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

Gentle, attentive and sensitive to the desires of his half Sagittarius-Dragon can make the happiness of any person. Falling in love, forgets about his leadership ambitions, completely dissolves in a partner. The temperamental Sagittarius-Dragon does not hesitate to demonstrate his passion. Differs rich in imagination and generosity. He arranges romantic dates, pampering pleasant surprises. Always looks beautifully and persistently: not afraid of refusal, stubbornly achieves reciprocity.

The secret of love compatibility with the Dragon-Sagittarius is simple and unpretentious: trust and devotion. This honest and decent man will not tolerate betrayal and deceit. It is not in his nature to start a love affair, always speaks directly about their desires. Sometimes it is too harsh, impulsive. The fiery temperament of the Dragon pleases in intimate relationships, and in the family life often causes trouble. The Dragon-Sagittarius is ready to take care of close people, but in return requires submission.

Sagittarius Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

The active Dragon-Sagittarius manages everywhere and everywhere. Vigorously tackles the most difficult work, is not afraid to take risks and make bold decisions. Sagittarius-Dragon has enough time and energy to do a lot of things, often working on combining. Too ambitious to accept the first sentence. He counts on a leadership position and is very successful in his pursuit. In solving business issues, he shows resourcefulness and ingenuity, fully trusts his intuition.

Discernment, judgment, persistence are qualities that allow the Dragon-Sagittarius to succeed in any field of activity. Though the professions connected with communication most of all suit him. Friendly Dragon Sagittarius gets on well with people. He has a rich imagination, developed imagination and a talent for reincarnation. Do not feel embarrassed when speaking in public. If you do not choose an actor’s path, you can become a good teacher or a writer.

Sagittarius Dragon Man

A Sagittarius man born in the year of the Dragon is distinguished by a positive attitude, benevolent and peaceful. This is a rather complex personality, woven from contradictions. Sophisticatedly hides its anxiety, but readily reveals to the world the face of a happy person. In all cases he is lucky, so it seems that success is given too easily, and sometimes undeservedly. But this is an intelligent, decent man, worthy of the highest position. An incurable romantic, devoted to his ideals, most of his life goes in pursuit of a dream. Sagittarius-Dragon man is ready for any madness for the sake of the happy shine of the eyes of her chosen one, he will certainly find a way to achieve her favor.

Sagittarius Dragon Woman

The powerful Sagittarius-Dragon woman manages people so gently and tactfully that she can not be caught in despotism. Active, energetic leader causes in subordinates only love and respect. The truth in rare cases is subject to outbursts of anger, it is irritated by lack of professionalism and irresponsibility. She is too straightforward and honest to cheat and pick up words. In relations with men moderately coquettish, she likes the attention of fans. But she does not consider it necessary to hide her emotions, for all her goodwill, she can offend the chosen one with harsh words. Sometimes she is too trusting, she is excessively fond of dreams and fantasies, that is why she is often deceived in her feelings.

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