Taurus Dragon

Soft, calm and even slightly sluggish Taurus-Dragons never hurry to conclusions. These balanced people prefer long meditations, and not spontaneous actions. Although sometimes they are quick-tempered and irritable, but still not impulsive people. The main feature of the Taurus sign is a rare endurance: it can withstand any tests. In turn, the Dragon — energetic, cheerful nature, prone to shocking and extravagant deeds. According to the combined horoscope, Taurus-Dragon is a practical person, confidently standing on the ground. At the same time he is quite cheerful and energetic, likes to pamper himself with pleasant trifles. However, he never waste his powers in vain.

Taurus Dragon Traits

This person is distinguished by the desire for stability, he does not like ambiguities and controversial situations. Taurus-Dragon is heavily given innovations and changes, although he always with honor withstands any tests. If he does impulsive actions, only under the influence of strong emotions. However, it finds the strength to settle the issue in a peaceful and acceptable way. It surprisingly combines practicality, Taurus’s earthiness and unpredictability of the Dragon. Therefore, he lives a happy life, filled with pleasant events. Taurus-Dragon is a big luck and a favorite of fate. He intelligently manages his time and strength: he does not miss profitable opportunities, but he also does not crawl into trouble.

Others like the calm confidence of the Taurus-Dragon, this person does not doubt himself and does not give reasons for distrust to the rest. He can be accused of excessive concentration and seriousness rather than a frivolous approach to life. The Dragon-Taurus is responsible, it can be relied upon in any business. Do not be reassured in vain and even make concessions, but only in small things. Like all Dragons, the man of this combination of signs is proud and self-centered, so he will not allow himself to indulge. At the same time it is friendly, open to communication, with great pleasure participates in the life of other people. He always eagerly responds to requests for help, and acts disinterestedly, does not wait for gratitude.

Dragon-Taurus has a developed aesthetic taste, trying in every possible way to decorate their lives. Draws attention to the environment and appearance of people. Hardly tolerates uncomfortable living conditions, and untidy dressed people just annoy him. Purposeful Dragon-Taurus seeks to achieve a high social status. It can not be arranged by life, deprived of benefits. Taurus-Dragon is distinguished by a rich imagination, he likes to speculate on detached themes. Sometimes it goes too deep in thought and overlooks important details. However, such behavior is a rarity, this person will always find a way to pull himself together. The hard work and tenacity of Taurus come to his rescue in difficult situations.

Taurus Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

In his personal life Dragon-Taurus manifests itself as a soft, considerate partner. This active man does not throw words to the wind: if he has made his choice, he will remain faithful to him. He does not seek adventures, does not try to diversify relations, but stubbornly achieves reciprocity. In love is a rare constant, although sometimes mistakes in choosing a partner. Too trusts people with an attractive appearance, and eventually understands that behind the beauty lies a spiritual emptiness.

Dragon-Taurus is the ideal family man: faithful and caring. Souls do not cherish in their half and children. This person has high moral principles, for him the family comes first. Likes to spend time at home, completely indifferent to noisy entertainment. Taurus-Dragon finds strength for both work and home affairs. He is attentive to details, tries in every possible way to please his relatives. True, he does not tolerate excessive whims and superfluous objections. The secret of love compatibility with the Taurus-Dragon is quite simple: submission and respect.

Taurus Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

The active Dragon-Taurus does not waste time in vain, always knows what purpose it sets itself. However, he thinks too long over issues that require immediate resolution. Sometimes because of their slowness misses a profitable deal. However, he redeems all the blunders with his responsible work. Hard-working, hard-working and tireless, like all Taurus, so he achieves brilliant results. With great respect for colleagues, even listening to their advice and suggestions.

Rich imagination, developed fantasy, subtle taste — qualities that allow the Dragon-Taurus to take place in the creative profession. This person can work as a designer, artist or make a successful career in the film industry. He can embody the embodiment of any creative idea: the more difficult the task, the better. Although service to the muses takes a lot of energy and leads to emotional exhaustion. Therefore, Taurus-Dragon will be much more convenient and quieter to work in the financial sector.

Taurus Dragon Man

Realism and practicality of Taurus in combination with the dreaminess of the Dragon show the world a very ambiguous personality. Such a man seems calm, balanced, although he is capable of extravagant deeds. It does not seek to impress the surrounding people’s imagination, it’s just its natural property: a tendency to shocking. True practical Taurus tries to use the uncontrollable imagination of the Dragon with maximum benefit. For example, a Taurus-Dragon man can become a famous craftsman or an artist. But in a romantic relationship is a touching romantic, a true partner. Behaves impeccably, spoils and protects his woman, but she will have to recognize his unconditional leadership.

Taurus Dragon Woman

The fire energy of the Dragon gives the Taurus woman special charm. Men can not pass by the spectacular beauty, which looks stunning even in simple attire. The natural magnetism of the Taurus-Dragon female brightly distinguishes it among all the fair sex. It is easy to achieve success, in all cases it is always accompanied by luck. At the same time, she is very responsible and hardworking, she shows independence and independence in her work. Taurus-Dragon woman is extremely devoted to the interests of the family, even a sudden romance on the side will not make her leave her native people. She can cope with his feelings, always correctly prioritizes.

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