Virgo Dragon

This strong, strong-willed person is a realist and a practitioner. He prefers to solve pressing problems, but not to hang in the clouds. Although the dreamy Dragon knows how to discourage a sensible Virgo, the man of this combination is rather liberated. The Dragon-Virgo is a persistent personality, able to cope with any troubles. At the same time it has enough imagination and ingenuity to not get bogged down in routine matters. According to the combined horoscope of the Dragon-Virgo — a man with a complex, contradictory character. It makes an impression of being quiet, but in fact dreams of glory and fame. This is an idealist, striving for excellence, but confidently standing on his feet. In a word: Virgo-Dragon is an amazing, original personality.

Virgo Dragon Traits

In any society, the Dragon-Virgo is rather modest, does not differ in garbling. Although among old friends is more relaxed and talkative. It can not be said that he avoids communication or is afraid of unfamiliar people. Just a sophisticated and intelligent person, quality is important to him, not quantity. It draws attention not only to the appearance of people, but also to the inner content. Chatterboxes, petticoats and coquettees of the Dragon-Virgo are not attracted, so he diligently avoids them. He always counts only on his own strength, he keeps quite independently. He does not need advice, and he does not give recommendations to others. He prefers easy, non-binding communication. But close people trust completely.

This highly organized person knows how to achieve his goals, his whole life is subject to strict discipline. However, one does not tire of striving for excellence, imposes strict requirements on himself and others. Has developed intelligence, easily absorbs large amounts of information, so it is difficult to find a more interesting companion than the Dragon-Virgo. Do not be lazy to learn throughout life, this is a great book reader: in his library there is a huge number of publications on a variety of topics. The surrounding characterizes him as a practical, business person. In his life there are no surprises: every step is clearly verified, and the actions are thought out. In addition, it is an ardent supporter of high moral principles.

For all its modesty and shyness, the Dragon-Virgo seeks to achieve popularity. He wants to leave his mark on this world. He thinks positively, boldly goes to the set goal. Dragon-Virgo is prudent, judicious, does not commit rash acts. Therefore, condemns those who lead a frivolous way of life. Pretty intolerant of the shortcomings of other people, but not just condemns them, but tries to help. The Dragon-Virgo is cruel and vindictive only in relation to irreconcilable enemies, whom he does not have much. In general, this is a positive, kind and sympathetic person. Adheres to an active life position, works hard to solve difficult problems, constantly improves his skills and abilities.

Virgo Dragon Compatibility (Love & Family)

In personal relationships, the Dragon-Virgo behaves cautiously, but smoothly until she begins to trust the partner. Differ modesty, not in a hurry with confessions of love. At first, he checks the strength of his feelings for a long time and then proceeds to courtship. The main feature of the Dragon-Virgo sign is honesty, so its word can be trusted. If he confessed his love, then he really has a strong feeling. Do not rush the Dragon-Virgo: too rapid development of events can scare him.

Serious, responsible Dragon-Virgo is simply created for family life. He is betrayed to his half, not looking for adventures on the side. Family horoscope predicts a happy marriage, but calls to be less demanding of their loved ones. The desire of the Dragon-Virgo to see everyone as collected, disciplined as himself, can lead to domestic conflicts. His suffocating care can be perceived as an attempt to restrict freedom, and not as a manifestation of love.

Virgo Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

Executive, active Dragon-Virgo is an excellent worker. Differs a serious approach to the matter: he will not leave the workplace until he has solved the task. This person loves and knows how to work well. It is able to reach great heights due to its persistence and purposefulness. I am ready to study throughout my life, actively learn new methods of work. Always aware of all the innovations in his industry, which is important — with a great desire to share knowledge with colleagues.

This person with a well-developed intellect and mathematical mindset can take place in any profession connected with finances. No less successful in the creative field. Has an amazing business acumen, is able to organize the work of a large team. Always responsible for their actions, flexible in dealing with people, he knows how to listen and give the right advice. Therefore, he ideally suits the role of leader, and often starts from the very bottom and gradually reaches a high position.

Virgo Dragon Man

A man with a combination of the Virgo and the Dragon signs is distinguished by honesty and decency, scrupulously observes all generally accepted norms and rules. Pretty easy to communicate, while courageous, if necessary, he is able to protect the honor of close people. Women instantly fall under his charm, he seems strong and confident. True, the Dragon-Virgo man is embarrassed by too much attention, but this is a very generous, gallant chevalier. In family life, it manifests itself as a reliable, serious partner, but it can be too strict and exacting. But the bosses always put his responsible approach to business, the desire to achieve the perfect result.

Virgo Dragon Woman

The sphere of interests of the Virgo-Dragon woman is very extensive. Mind, independence, high intelligence, organizational skills — the qualities inherent in the leader. Strives to take place in the profession, gives the work a lot of energy and power. At the same time, a versatile developed personality looks for ways to express their feelings and emotions, takes part in events, exhibitions, concerts with pleasure. But the most important role in her life is played by the family. She faithfully serves her relatives, tries to foresee all their desires. True, both husband and children know about her exactingness, she will never forgive even the most beloved people treachery and deceit. In matters of morality, the Virgo-Dragon woman is very principled.

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