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Gemini — the most variable sign of the Zodiac, whose representatives are subject to the influence of fashion and trends. With great enthusiasm they take a great interest in new affairs, but rarely carry out their plans. Although this characteristic is too general, not taking into account individual characteristics. The character of a person depends not only on the position of the Sun at the time of birth, but also on the year of birth. The eastern horoscope makes its changes in the signs of the Western Zodiac. For example, the combination of the signs of the Rat and Gemini is a harmonious union. Gemini born in the year of the Rat, show reasonable caution, responsibility, while — sociable, cheerful people.

People of the Gemini sign have a rich imagination. Much and with pleasure fantasize, and sincerely believe: dreams are quite realizable reality. Excellent interlocutors, interesting storytellers are always in the spotlight. But sometimes they use their natural data for mercenary purposes, skillfully manipulate people. Sly Gemini-Monkey does not shy away from deception to reach his own. He has a high intellect, strong will, so it is easy to go through life, not considering the desires of other people. At the same time, a sweet, charming person always finds the right words to ward off any suspicions.

In a romantic relationship, the Gemini manifest themselves as romantic natures. Every new day is an unforgettable adventure, an occasion to surprise your soul mate. Gemini are attracted not only by external beauty, but also by a deep inner world. In attitudes strives to achieve complete harmony, the chosen one must correspond to his temperamental nature. Boring, predictable people can not wake up desire and interest in it. This behavior is demonstrated by Gemini-Tiger, who wants not only sensual pleasure, but also enjoys communication. As a second half sees a self-sufficient person, not deprived of intelligence.

The fate of people born under the sign of Gemini, makes sharp and unexpected turns. Representatives of this sign try to realize themselves in the creative sphere. They prefer to work in pleasure, boring monotonous activity gives them strong mental suffering. Quite often they change professions, such is their nature — impermanence in everything. A vivid example is the Gemini-Horse. Limit the freedom of man this sign is impossible, always striving for a new and unexplored. All his life passes in motion, in search of his own destiny.

The combination of Western and Chinese horoscopes provides a unique opportunity to know yourself, to find inner harmony. We bring to your attention 12 possible combinations for the Gemini sign.

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