Taurus Goat

Charming, artistic Taurus-Goat gets along well with those around him, leaving the most pleasant impressions about him. It attracts people with its courteous manners, the ability to defuse any situation. It has a positive attitude, does not lose heart and does not get upset over trifles. According to the combined horoscope Taurus-Goat is a peace-loving, benevolent person with a fine mental organization. He is concerned about relationships with others, avoids quarrels and conflicts in every possible way. True, inner experiences leave with him, and in public plays the role of a happy person. Taurus-Goat needs stability, highly appreciates comfort and coziness, will not risk its position for dubious prospects.

Taurus Goat Traits

A strong, self-confident Taurus-Goat gives the impression of a balanced, calm person. Do not bother others with their problems, always cheerful and serene. He devotes a lot of time to family and friends, does not pursue profit, and therefore finds an opportunity to see close people as often as possible. He does not think about his financial situation, is frivolous in spending, and has a strong passion for beautiful clothes. Loves to dress up, knows how to create special, unforgettable images. Talented plays with each of them — this is a real artist. Goat-Taurus — a cheerful nature, does not focus on troubles, with humor refers to the problems. In her life there is a place of happiness, joy, positive emotions, and she prefers not to notice the rest.

The main feature of the Taurus-Goat sign is the desire for comfort and peace. This is a real conservative; he remains loyal to his habits throughout his life; he is wary of changes. He likes to spend time at home, with his family he feels protected. The Goat-Taurus is a gentle, vulnerable nature, afraid to get into an awkward situation, so it is a little lost in an unfamiliar environment. At the same time it keeps with great dignity, amazes others with its benevolence. Taurus-Goat is reasonable, cautious, devoid of anger and envy, in dealing with him there are no difficulties and difficulties. In any situation, it acts according to conscience, preserves nobility, calmness and endurance. It has a strong intuition and a sharp mind, so it rarely loses.

Surrounding Taurus-Goat perceived as a reasonable person, not prone to rash acts. Although this is quite a contradictory combination, peculiar to people of emotional warehouse. Flimsy Goat suffers from mood swings, does not always give an account of its actions. The rational, reserved Taurus, being in an awkward situation, tries to get out of it with dignity. But the union of these two signs gives people uncommon abilities: a developed intuition, a subtle understanding of beauty, a bright acting talent. Goat-Taurus know exactly what mask to try on in a given situation in order to please others. Carefully monitor the reaction of people, quite soberly assess everything that happens.

Taurus Goat Compatibility (Love & Family)

In personal relations, the Goat-Taurus manifests itself as an extravagant, unpredictable person. Strives for a stable relationship, is serious about marriage. In this case, capricious, self-willed, not in a hurry to part with their freedom. The main secret of love compatibility with Taurus-Goat is patience and care. This person needs a reliable partner, able to support and comfort in difficult times. Although he expects from his beloved not only understanding, but also a stormy manifestation of feelings: Taurus-Goat is a passionate nature.

Taurus-Goat is an exemplary family man according to his love horoscope. Not looking for adventure on the side, devotes all his time to his family. Caring and attentive to relatives, trying to please them. It strives to create a comfortable environment, furnishes its home with great taste. This is a great connoisseur of beauty, a born designer, knows how to see something unusual in the simplest things. House of Taurus-Goat — a sample of a comfortable and cozy home. True, all family members should share his hobbies and provide all possible assistance: discipline first and foremost.

Taurus Goat Business (Career & Goals)

People of this combination choose a profession in accordance with their hobbies, and the size of the salary plays a secondary role. For them, the most important thing is to be able to express their emotions and feelings. They can not fully work in a nervous environment. Nature has provided Taurus-Goat with outstanding acting skills. They even play different roles with ecstasy in ordinary life, and on the professional stage they are fully laid out. In addition, to the literary work, among the Goat-Taurus many talented writers.

The active Taurus-Goat is not afraid of any work, it is responsible in carrying out its duties. Not disposed to physical labor, does an excellent job with work that requires attentiveness and perseverance. Although sometimes the frivolous Goat makes a bit of confusion in the affairs of Taurus. However, he picks himself up in time and brings the work started to the end. Taurus-Goat is not ambitious, does not seek to occupy a leadership position. He does not like to take on extra obligations, he prefers the role of assistant.

Taurus Goat Man

Charming Taurus-Goat man like women, they are attracted by his discretion, calm nature. He knows how to make compliments, loves to give flowers and lovely trinkets. However, the Taurus-Goat is a man doubting, not quite sure of himself. It shows unnecessary anxiety on the most insignificant occasions. He does not like to make responsible decisions, but as a performer he is irresistible. Responsible approach to the matter, shows diligence, although with him and there are bouts of laziness. In general, the personality is ambiguous, requiring attention and care. From it can turn out a good family man, who will be happy to do homework and fiddle with children.

Taurus Goat Woman

A brilliant Taurus-Goat woman drives men mad. She adores spectacular outfits and jewelry, it is important for her to look perfect and see the admiration in the eyes of the fans. At the same time she is hardworking and diligent, with great energy and enthusiasm, she takes up work that she likes. A spouse can count on her support, this is a very faithful woman. Taurus-Goat is looking for peace in the family, here she feels completely safe. She loves and appreciates her loved ones, for the sake of their well-being will fight to the end. She has an inexhaustible supply of energy and optimism, likes to shine in society, but for the sake of her husband and children, she easily forgets her ambitions. To fulfill the role of an ideal housewife and caring mother, it will not be difficult.

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