Virgo Goat

The immediate, sociable Virgo-Goat is the universal favorite. There is so much charm and charisma in her that it is impossible to remain indifferent and pass by this charming person. The rational maiden under the influence of the flirtatious Goat becomes more frivolous — this is no longer a strict lady, but a mysterious person. True, it retains the ability to think logically, differs in a pragmatic approach to doing business. Virgo-Goat is a complex combination, endowing its representatives with contradictory character. On the one hand, these people are practical and rational, and on the other, they are capricious and emotionally unstable. Sometimes such cute, sophisticated Goats-Virgos manifest themselves as annoying, always dissatisfied grumblers, but act out of good intentions: they teach those around the mind.

Virgo Goat Traits

The union of the practical Virgo and the unpredictable Goat is an interesting but contradictory combination. The rivalry of these two signs has a strong influence on the nature of their representatives. Goat-Virgo has a passion for beautiful things, looking for vivid emotions and impressions, while being careful in their actions and economical in spending. Differs light character, open communication and even too talkative. He likes to give advice, does not hesitate to impose his opinion on people. Sometimes it is so stubborn that it is impossible to agree on anything about it. She is afraid of loneliness and quickly becomes attached to people, sometimes she bothers them with her presence. However, he wants only the best, trying to help and guide the true path.

Purposeful Virgo-Goat understands that the path to success is rather complicated and thorny, so it works a lot. Persistently achieves his goals, competently plans the future, tries to calculate all possible scenarios. Although the influence of the whimsical Goat cannot be ruled out: sometimes it behaves fussily, jumps from one case to another. At such times needs support, gratefully accepts any help. Although prone to mood swings, it still remains a cheerful, energetic person. Virgo-Goat is an optimist, firmly believes in her success, is not afraid of change. Attentive and caring to others, but sometimes talking too much, which greatly offends some people. True, sincerely trying to cope with this shortcoming.

The main feature of the sign Virgo-Goat — perfectionism: the unrestrained pursuit of perfection. Always brings the idea to completion, and achieves the perfect result. He devotes a lot of time to his appearance: he follows the fashion, selects clothes according to his figure. He generously distributes instructions to others, not only advises, but insists on his point of view. Virgos-Goats understand fashion best of all, at least they believe it. They dream of a perfect world, in every possible way trying to make it better. Sometimes they are too zealous in their desire to make everyone happy, they begin to tire with endless moral teachings. The Goat-Virgo is a highly moral person who brings light and good to people. Not only is she improving herself throughout her life, but she does not give rest to others.

Virgo Goat Compatibility (Love & Family)

In a love relationship, the Virgo-Goat manifests itself from the best side: she is serious, reasonable and constant in her preferences. Not prone to frivolous relations, selective and careful in communication. From the very beginning of the relationship is set up for marriage, and not for a short-term romance. The secret of love compatibility with Virgo-Goat is quite simple: no unpleasant surprises and cheating on the side. Will not continue to communicate with a windy man who is not able to respond to a strong feeling.

Outwardly calm, reasonable and quite self-confident Virgo-Goat is very dependent on close people. She is afraid of loneliness, does not feel completely safe if she does not feel the support of her partner. Striving for a stable relationship, unconditionally faithful to her half. Although sometimes pestering close people with complaints and cavils. However, it reads notations and gives advice only for good intentions. Virgo-Goat dreams of an ideal marriage, makes every effort so that her family does not know the needs and deprivations.

Virgo Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Practical Virgo-Goat will not work at a loss, but working conditions play an equally important role. Dislikes haste and fuss, avoids competition, needs a calm atmosphere. Colleagues must support her in everything, otherwise she may lose confidence in herself. Moreover, the Goat-Virgo is a grateful person who will never forget about the favor she has done. It is demanding, but fair, besides, it is responsible and very hardworking, therefore, it enjoys the deserved respect among its colleagues.

Determined, ambitious Virgo-Goat with enviable persistence goes to their goals. If you have decided on your vocation, you will never turn from your intended path. It can take place in any field of activity. Pedantic and executive, manifests itself as a disciplined, responsible worker. For this talented person there is no, and there can be no obstacles. The pragmatism of the Virgo helps in solving important issues, and the artistry of the Goat allows to be realized in the works.

Virgo Goat Man

The Virgo-Goat man seeks to achieve the ideal in all spheres of life. But he can not be called a boring and too correct person; on the contrary, he is a cheerful person and an optimist. Do not pretend to any exceptional role, just live and enjoy everything that is happening around. To the extent of industrious, responsible, does not give people around trouble. True, the man Virgo-Goat makes quite high demands on his chosen one. He should see next to a well-groomed, attractive woman, and intelligent and educated, besides ready to share his hobbies. The search for the ideal partner may be delayed, but the man of this combination of signs does not lose heart. The family should be its reliable rear, therefore to a question of marriage it approaches seriously.

Virgo Goat Woman

Cheerful Virgo woman, born in the year of Goat, seems to be a carefree, charming creature. With her it’s really easy and simple, but under the appearance of a nice little girl, a pragmatic person hides. Of course, the Virgo-Goat women do not bypass the excitement and emotions, but they are aimed at an ideal result, so they are able to cope with the panic mood. Excellent control over their actions and everything that happens around. In the companions of life they try to choose a solid man who can provide support. Although falling in love, they will not especially understand how selective they are like companions of life. This is quite emotional and passionate nature, so boldly follow their desires.

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