Aquarius Horse

The energetic, tireless Aquarius-Horse was born for great things, not for a boring and monotonous life. Active, passionate, inquisitive, does not tolerate idleness. Bright emotions, interesting events, constantly alternating succession of hobbies — this is his life. The unpredictable, temperamental Horse enhances such qualities of Aquarius as cheerfulness, sociability, restlessness. People of this combination are always in a hurry somewhere: they are afraid not to have time to do something really important. They are not afraid of change, they easily switch their attention from one to another. According to the combined horoscope, Aquarius-Horse is a strong-willed person who is able to fulfill all his desires, no matter how absurd they may be. He firmly believes in his success, is dreamy and imaginative.

Aquarius Horse Traits

The combination of two unpredictable signs gives rise to a talented, enthusiastic personality. Aquarius-Horse sets ambitious goals for himself and enthusiastically tackles their solution. It is difficult for him to accept defeat, he is not afraid to take risks, he does everything possible to achieve his goals. However, he is not capable of lying and deception — this is an honest and intelligent person. The Horse actively supports the desire of Aquarius to always be the first in everything. For people of this combination, life is a continuous competition, an endless struggle for the title of a winner. Sociable, friendly, love to attract attention. Strive to be all the time in sight, among people. However, the Horse-Aquarius is independent of the opinions of others: their own interests above all in the world.

Aquarius-Horse is not afraid to be original, always follows his desires. Even if others do not share his beliefs and do not understand the motives of actions. This great dreamer is so immersed in the world of his dreams that does not pay attention to what is happening around. Although sometimes he should be more cautious and prudent, but such is the nature of the Aquarius-Horse — a dreamer and an idealist. Quite often confronted with betrayal and deception: too trusting and poorly versed in people. However, he is not discouraged, he goes through life with his head held high. The main feature of the Horse-Aquarius sign — restlessness. This active person has time everywhere and everywhere, but otherwise he can not. Easily try on a variety of roles: theorist, practitioner, dreamer, lyricist.

Nature has generously endowed the Aquarius-Horse with many talents; it is not only rich imagination and irrepressible fantasy. Able to think rationally, adequately perceive reality. Although sometimes too fond of his ideas, which he has a great many. However, he always carries out his plans, and if he switches to another matter, he has good reasons for this. Horse-Aquarius has the makings of a leader: easily carries people along. Its role is clearly defined: the mastermind and the generator of ideas. It needs faithful and faithful helpers, with their help it will be able to reach unprecedented heights in a career. Aquarius-Horse enjoys prestige in society, knows how to make money, rarely has material difficulties.

Aquarius Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

Romantic, dreamy Aquarius-Horse knows how to look beautiful, full of ideas on how to diversify the leisure of his partner. True, not too constant in their preferences, not able to remain faithful to one person. But sincere and disinterested - it is an ardent opponent of marriages of convenience. He worships a partner, sees his ideal in him, but is not in a hurry to legally formalize a relationship. According to the love horoscope, the Horse-Aquarius is a frivolous, freedom-loving nature, to the last it fights for its independence. If they marry, only by great love.

For the unpredictable and unstable Aquarius-Horse, marriage is a serious challenge. However, he behaves with great dignity: he sincerely tries to become an exemplary family man. Does not tolerate scenes of jealousy, does not like to listen to comments and advice. For the rest, it behaves just perfectly: caring and attentive to relatives. In addition, it never loses its positive attitude — it is a great entertainer and an inventor. She doesn’t like and doesn’t know how to rest, therefore she is hot-tempered and aggressive — it affects fatigue and internal stress.

Aquarius Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Restless Horse rushes through life at great speed, without dismantling the road. She is not so important what to do, most importantly, to be happy and satisfied with everything that happens. In alliance with the active and inventive Aquarius remains faithful to his principle: movement — life. Horse-Aquarius will be able to find a use in any field of activity. Persistent, hardworking, able to achieve their goals, but avoid monotonous work. For Aquarius-Horses, the need to follow strict rules and follow established procedures is too difficult.

Inquisitive, active Aquarius-Horses all the time striving for something new, are not afraid of change. It is easy to find a common language with people, they feel comfortable in any team. Inventive, full of original ideas — these are innovators who support progressive methods of work. Among Aquarius-Horses there are representatives of different professions: doctors, artists, scientists, inventors, actors, teachers. Ambitious, seeking to build a successful career. They easily change the scope of activities if they do not feel satisfied and do not see prospects for further growth.

Aquarius Horse Man

A great dreamer, a practitioner, an intellectual — is all about Aquarius-Horse man. He has a rich imagination, likes to reflect on a variety of topics. In his head at the same time a lot of ideas are rummaging, and he knows how to translate them into reality. However, it does not always bring things to an end: the creative principle takes precedence over pragmatism. Not being able to stay in one place for a long time, he needs to constantly move forward, towards his dreams. Aquarius-Horse is a sociable man, cherishes his friends, their opinion is decisive for him. He does not strive to bind himself by marriage, but if he meets his only one, he will settle down with pleasure and the life of an exemplary family man begins.

Aquarius Horse Woman

Active, independent Aquarius-Horse women do not need the patronage of men. They have a strong character and sharp mind, so they make decisions quickly. Hardworking and persistent, always achieve the goal. In this Aquarius-Horse women are talented, creatively gifted. It’s up to them to decide which area of activity suits them best. They are capable of captivating the broad masses, and it is not difficult for them to win the heart of a single man. In marriage, they show themselves as loyal partners, but do not like a measured way of life. Can not live with a man too correct and judicious. They prefer light, cheerful people, ready for adventure.

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