Capricorn Horse

Hardworking, reasonable Capricorns-Horses are able to achieve their goals. They are realists and practitioners who stand firm on the ground: they are not afraid of any work, they know their value. The union of an energetic Horse and a purposeful Capricorn is a harmonious combination, endowing its representatives with unprecedented strength and perseverance. These people are serious about everything that happens, carefully planning their future. According to the combined horoscope, Capricorns-Horses are hardy, persistent personalities with high creative potential and logical thinking. Able to achieve phenomenal results in all areas of life. At the same time, they are distinguished by a sociable, friendly character — the influence of the emotional Horse. Educated, tactful and responsive, so people are drawn to them.

Capricorn Horse Traits

Horses-Capricorns are not prone to reckless actions — they are highly organized and responsible people. But they do not think of their life without movement, peace for them is destructive. The main feature of the sign Capricorn-Horse is perseverance. Here are closely intertwined optimism, restlessness of the Horse and the determination of Capricorn. People of this combination successfully carry out their plans under any circumstances, even the most unfavorable ones. Possess endurance, patience and tremendous will power: selflessly overcome all obstacles in their path. And honest and fair to others: do not go over their heads. Therefore, Capricorns-Horses enjoy the well-deserved respect and authority in society.

Such a Capricorn is sociable, benevolent and responsive to other people’s misfortunes, he cannot be blamed for selfishness. He has the talent to organize people, knows how to find a way out of any predicament. Everyone can count on his help and support, and the Capricorn-Horse is so modest that it does not expect gratitude in return. Reasonable, pragmatic and responsible, sometimes too serious about life. Therefore, he himself needs the support of loved ones. The Horse-Capricorn is a convivial sign: loves to be in the center of attention, takes part in friendly gatherings with great pleasure. It can not work fruitfully if it does not feel the breath of life, but for him it is: the laughter of friends, travel, new acquaintances.

The diplomatic, balanced Capricorn-Horse is renowned for its ability to resolve conflicts. Does not fall to the scandals and intrigues, is able to besiege the insolent one word. He is prudent, eloquent and emotionally restrained, therefore he calmly reacts to any provocations. Always behaves with great dignity. Does not harbor illusions, is not inclined to idealize everything that happens around, but is able to keep himself in hand. A disciplined, slightly closed Capricorn knows how to curb the Horse’s hot-tempered temper, gives a gloss to her manners. People of this combination are distinguished by impeccable education, they know how to conduct business in such a way that they always remain in a favorable position. They are not indifferent to material benefits, strive for a stable lifestyle.

Capricorn Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

Such a Horse under the influence of a serious Capricorn manifests itself as a strict, judicious person. While experiencing a huge interest in the opposite sex, but does not give out their desires. According to a love horoscope, Capricorn-Horse is a discreet, prudent man, but prone to romantic deeds. He knows how to be gentle and passionate, treats his partner with trepidation and respect. However, only if he decided on his choice. It will not begin to communicate closely with the person if he does not have strong feelings for him.

Capricorn-Horse is the ideal family man: a loving spouse and a caring parent. Predictable, rational, practical — it is a reliable and faithful partner. Steadfastly opposed to all sorts of temptations, all his thoughts are occupied only by his family. He tries to plan his schedule in such a way that he will spend most of his time with close people. Capricorn-Horse is loyal and patient, does not like to quarrel, readily compromises. Family life with him is filled with harmony and peace of mind.

Capricorn Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Prudent, tactful Capricorns-Horses are natural leaders: they can rally people around them. Easily captivate others with their ideas, have the gift of eloquence and suggestion. These are brilliant politicians, public figures, bravely leading people behind them. Capricorn-Horses strive to be the best: the most honest, responsive and noble. However, they try not for themselves, but they want to make everyone happy — they are people of social orientation, they cannot live outside of society.

Thanks to dedication and perseverance, Capricorn-Horse can be used by his talents in any field. Works great alone, but no less free to feel in a team. He never retreats from his goals, knows how to find non-standard solutions to problems. Usually, Capricorns-Horses have a passion for exact sciences: inventors, engineers, scientists. However, it is able to take place in the creative field: actors, scriptwriters, artists, writers. Although a little emotionally clamped, but working hard on themselves.

Capricorn Horse Man

The combination of the signs of the Horse and Capricorn gives birth to extremely talented people, they are distinguished by their ability to think coldly and rationally. They are confident and know how to achieve success. The Capricorn-Horse man can become a good leader, he is able to lead the work of a large enterprise. Always polite and helpful, trying to control their feelings and emotions. Women like his attentive, caring attitude. He tries to create the most comfortable conditions for her, always respects her opinion. However, it is his word should be decisive, will not tolerate rivalry in the family. And this is not a despot and a cruel tyrant, he just knows how best.

Capricorn Horse Woman

Purposeful woman Capricorn-Horse recognizes only an ideal result. She always takes responsibility for her work responsibly, aspires to occupy a high position. Has all the necessary qualities to succeed: diligence, intelligence, calmness, endurance. In communicating with people, she manifests herself as a polite, attentive companion, considers it necessary to maintain good relations with all. However, her own life worries her most, she tries to create decent conditions for herself and her relatives. Capricorn-Horse is a demanding woman, loves beautiful things and comfortable surroundings. The partner is treated with great respect. She will not press her husband, she knows how to achieve her purpose with the help of female tricks.

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