Gemini Horse

The men and women of the Gemini-Horse are active, agile people, full of energy, ideas and plans for the future. They have a non-permanent and unpredictable character, they easily change their beliefs — as elusive as the wind. Sociable, restless Gemini feel the support of a strong-willed, assertive Horses, so they become even more restless and frivolous. It is difficult to find them bored alone: always in motion, always among people. According to the combined horoscope, the Gemini-Horse is a controversial person with an incredibly flexible mindset. It is impossible to predict her mood, to understand the motives of actions. Most likely, she herself does not always give an account of her actions, she simply rushes forward at the speed of light.

Gemini Horse Traits

Such people cannot sit still: they are too active and energetic for a quiet lifestyle. More interested in entertainment, rather than solving immediate problems. They strive to get as much pleasure from life as possible, their element is travel, new impressions, acquaintances, partings. The hot temper of the Horse, combined with the irrepressible curiosity of Gemini, gives rise to restless, courageous people, ready for any adventure. They do not make plans for the future, most often they are guided by their mood or desires. Looking for momentary benefits and do not think about tomorrow. Gemini-Horse — a powerful element, the concentration of uncontrollable energy. Therefore, one should not expect seriousness, restraint and thoughtfulness from these people: they live as they see fit.

The main feature of the Gemini-Horse sign is constant movement: physical, emotional, mental. These people can not be at rest, afraid of comfort, in every way avoid regularity and boredom. It does not matter what goals they set for themselves, especially since their desires are constantly changing. Just get pleasure from life, enjoy each new day — they look absolutely happy people. They do not strive to learn the truth, reveal all the secrets of being, but calmly content themselves with what they have at the moment. Many consider them frivolous, unreliable, even heartless people. This is not at all the case; it is just that the Gemini-Horses do not consider it necessary to control their actions and words; they do not hesitate to say what they think.

Gemini-Horses are distinguished by straightforwardness, honesty, and besides, lightheadedness and emotionality. They do not always understand how to behave in this or that situation. Quite often they offend others without even knowing it. Gemini-Horse, like any emotional people, are completely unbearable. They can flare up and be rude — this is how their hot, uncontrollable temperament manifests itself. In this case, the Horses-Gemini have a strong intuition, good logic and quick thinking, so it is easy to overcome all obstacles. They never lose their positive attitude: all that is done is for the better. They are big optimists and dreamers, it is quite difficult to put them in a hopeless situation.

Gemini Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

Unpredictable, impulsive, and such charming Gemini-Horses are surrounded by many fans and female fans. Easily attract attention to themselves: flirting and flirting recklessly. And they don’t specifically single out anyone, they just like to turn their heads. They behave freely, are quite sophisticated in matters of love, but carefully look to the partner. Gemini-Horses are created for pleasure, but the second half should solve everyday problems. Therefore, they can flirt as much as they want with anyone, but they are very serious in choosing a partner.

According to love horoscope, Gemini-Horse is far from the standard of the ideal family man, but very sweet and charming in this imperfection. He does not seek to take upon himself the fulfillment of domestic duties, or rather, he avoids this honorable mission. Gemini-Horse loves to travel, in every way trying to diversify family life. Therefore, it is never boring with him, on the contrary, each new day brings unforgettable impressions. True, relatives should get used to the differences in his moods and whims — this is a rather demanding person in everyday life.

Gemini Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Energetic Gemini-Horses will always find something to do, so they do not lose heart and do not spend a lot of time searching for work. Moreover, the type of activity does not matter, for them the main thing: to do what they love. Not able to work for a long time in one place, often change the profession. Do not get tired to learn throughout life, keep up with the times. The Gemini-Horse has a sharp mind, ingenuity and high communication skills, so it feels comfortable in any team. Quite often occupies a leadership position — able to guide and inspire people.

At work, it is difficult to achieve high results from the restless Gemini-Horse: it rarely brings the work started to the end. But charming, sociable, able to get along with people, most often gives preference to creative professions. Easily tries on a variety of images, will achieve amazing results if you choose an actor’s path. In addition, Gemini-Horses are distinguished by their strength and endurance, they can be established as professional athletes. The sphere of politics is also subject to them: they are able to make a proper impression and convey their ideas to the masses.

Gemini Horse Man

Gusty, irrepressible Gemini-Horses men are in constant motion. Without too much hesitation, they agree to the most risky experiments, feel completely free from any obligations. In all actions are guided only by one’s own desires. The man Gemini-Horse, even in the most unpleasant situation knows how to find positive aspects. This is a great optimist, an enthusiast, it is impossible to imagine him in a bad mood. Usually it is easy to win people’s trust and even, not being a high professional, occupies a rather prestigious position. In personal relationships, he manifests himself as a romantic, but there is no guarantee that he will remain faithful to a single woman all his life.

Gemini Horse Woman

The playful coquetry — Gemini-Horse woman can not leave indifferent any man. This windy and frivolous person likes to flirt and have fun, she likes to spend time in noisy companies. But monotonous activities can drive her crazy. Most often chooses a profession associated with frequent moves, Gemini-Horse woman who is addicted, adores traveling. Her spontaneity, her unshakable belief in her own strengths cause admiration, although she can not complete a single thing. Therefore, a man who has serious views on this woman should be prepared to solve all important issues himself. This woman can not wait for a responsible approach to life, but she can be trusted.

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