Leo Horse

Energetic, cheerful Leos-Horses infect others with their optimism. They love life in all its manifestations: every new day is a bright, unforgettable adventure. They do not know how to be sad and sad, they think positively: they see only positive moments in everything. According to the combined horoscope, the Horse-Leo is a fast-moving, emotional nature, thirsting for communication, adventure and vivid impressions. Surrounding people do not get tired to be amazed at her vitality, inexhaustible optimism. Do not question the possibility of the fulfillment of any desire, acts boldly and resolutely. He tries to be guided by logic and common sense, but one should not exclude the influence of emotions. Sometimes Leo-Horse has to face setbacks, but this does not affect his mood: he looks to the future with optimism.

Leo Horse Traits

The incredibly charming Leo-Horse is always in the limelight. People like this energetic, active and positive person who is able to carry everyone around with his ideas. He firmly believes in future success and infects others with his enthusiasm — this is an excellent organizer and talented manipulator. But as a performer is not too good. Horse-Leo does not like to overcome difficulties, does not differ persistence and perseverance. The union of two strong, energetically powerful signs gives rise to surprisingly lucky and happy people. True, the Horse and Leo do not know how to lose, they are not inclined to compromise. They are competing with each other, trying to prove their superiority, which ultimately prevents them from achieving success and prosperity.

Bright, charismatic Horses-Leos crave everyone’s attention and are ready for any sacrifice to fulfill this desire. They have an oratorical gift, love to talk on a variety of topics. And sincerely believe in what they say: not a bit doubt in themselves. The main feature of the sign Leo-Horse is arrogance. Thanks to unshakable self-confidence and inexhaustible optimism, this person can turn the world alone. However, he does not forget about others, he tries in every way to make everyone around him happy. The union of a passionate, temperamental Leo and an assertive, wayward Horse manifests itself in impulsivity and generosity. People of this combination are noble and generous, ready to support any person who is in trouble.

Leo-Horse is distinguished by indefatigable activity: it is not able to sit in one place. And not only he lives at the limit of human capabilities, but also carries the rest with him. He loves life in all its manifestations, does not notice the difficulties and obstacles. He considers his opinion the only true, without hesitation imposes on the rest. Horse-Leo draws energy in communication with people, loves to travel. Seeks to get as much positive emotions and impressions as possible. Craves fame and attention, a little lost, if not received approval and compliments. Of course, the Leo-Horse cannot please everyone around, often faces criticism and incomprehension, but it is easy and easy to remember. This person was born for great things, he has no time to engage in self-criticism and delve into the little things.

Leo Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

The personal life of Leo-Horse is filled with bright events: dating, separation, romantic dates. The only thing that is missing in it is boredom. For him there is nothing more important than feelings, he quickly falls in love, considers his chosen one or the chosen one an ideal, a gift of fate. However, it is also easy to part with a partner, without feeling remorse. According to a love horoscope, Leo-Horse is a passionate, enthusiastic nature. Even in personal relationships it remains true to itself: it is in a hurry to live and in a hurry to feel.

The generous, generous Leo-Horse loves to please his loved ones: often presents them with luxurious gifts and surprises. However, in response, she expects admiration and is not at all ready to listen to comments. The main secret of love compatibility with Leo-Horse: no objections and criticism, albeit in the mildest form. Having entered into marriage, it is immediately accepted to direct the half, individually makes all decisions. But it shows itself as a practical, caring partner and a loving parent: he spends a lot of time with his family.

Leo Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Men and women of Leo-Horses — strong-willed, purposeful people. They understand perfectly what they want to achieve in life, and most importantly, they are not afraid of their desires. Ambitious, ambitious Horse-Leos mark for a high position. They have the talent to lead people: eloquent, persuasive, decisive. However, they are not too diligent and responsible, they are not able to concentrate on one thing, they need frequent changes of activity. Therefore, Leo-Horses easily move from one job to another, quickly adapting to a new team.

Leo-Horses easily overcome any obstacles to a successful career. A small clarification: the work should be interesting to them. Only in this case, they are able to achieve huge heights. They are not afraid of change and are ready to learn throughout their lives. Usually Leo-Horses are successful in professions related to communicating with people: a psychologist, a teacher, a manager. Inborn artistry, developed eloquence, looseness — the features of character, allowing them to make a successful acting career. In any case, they will find use for their talents.

Leo Horse Man

The passionate, restless soul of the Leo-Horse man does not know rest, he is literally obsessed with his favorite deed. He thirsts for power, recognition, money, so he does not strive to become an ordinary employee, he thinks big. However, he is too emotional and impatient, besides he is not particularly hardworking. Therefore, often even the most promising projects are unprofitable. In loving relationships, he manifests himself as a skillful seducer, and before the power of his charm it is impossible to resist. He likes to indulge his beloved with luxurious gifts. With him, every woman feels the most beautiful and desirable, but the need to solve domestic issues makes him terrified. It is not worth waiting for help from the Leo-Horse in ordinary life, his destiny is to reign for joy to those around him.

Leo Horse Woman

The Leo-Horse woman does not doubt her irresistibility. With pleasure, she listens to compliments and takes courtship, it is vital for her to feel the admiring looks of men. This clever and hardworking person does not consider it shameful to use her own attractive appearance for the good of the cause. Cleverly flirts with men, while not crossing the line of what is permissible. The Leo-Horse is a business woman, striving to achieve great heights in her career. But the family worries and troubles do not attract her, she is looking for passionate and vivid relations. However, settling down, manifests herself as a wonderful hostess, the truth does the homework without special zeal and enthusiasm.

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