Libra Horse

Fervent, resilient Libra-Horses are famous for their friendly character. Poor loneliness, tend to be closer to people. Feel free and comfortable in any situation, easily make friends. Balance, sociability and a positive attitude make them pleasant people to communicate. According to the combined horoscope, Libra-Horse is a sophisticated creative nature, well-controlled, rarely influenced by emotions. Witty, intellectually developed, has a broad outlook. He is well-versed in art, loves unusual things: seeks to stand out among others. So charming and sweet that people easily forgive some weaknesses: narcissism, self-centeredness, capriciousness.

Libra Horse Traits

It is difficult for the energetic, easy-to-lift Libra-Horses to sit in one place: they move in the mainstream of life. Lively interested in everything happening around, always up to date with the latest news. Horse-Libra is a harmonious union, here the signs perfectly complement each other. Active Horse tends to live a bright, eventful life. In turn, the wise Libra remains true to himself: do not come into conflict with the Horse, retain complete calm and equanimity. In addition, with their own discretion, they try to soften her cool, unpredictable temper. Horse-Libra — multifaceted, harmoniously developed personality. They are distinguished by a delicate artistic taste, while being practical and pragmatic: they spend their lives in constant motion, searching for new ideas.

Positive, direct Horses-Libras have a huge number of friends and acquaintances. They have a great sense of humor, are easy to communicate, they know how to please people. They instill boundless trust, always produce a good impression. However, one should not think that these lovely, benevolent people are ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of others. Horses-Libras are emotionally restrained, not prone to reckless actions, so they rarely give in to feelings. Conduct a clear distinction between personal and public affairs. Above all, put their own interests, while polite with others, therefore, do not cause negative emotions. But for close people, Libras-Horses are the best helpers and advisers: they are devoted to the ideals of friendship, they know how to support in difficult times.

The main feature of the sign Libra-Horse — sociability. People of this combination love to attract attention to themselves, often acting as an organizer of various events. They are eloquent and very convincing in their arguments, they know how to maintain the necessary connections, quickly make decisions. At the same time they behave freely and uninhibitedly — cute and charming creatures. They love compliments and attention, but their loneliness scares them: they feel vulnerable and defenseless. Although at times they surprise people around with their sudden mood swings, they can suddenly flare up and be rude. Fortunately, such outbursts of anger are extremely rare. Libras-Horses strive for inner and outer harmony: they look simply impeccable and behave accordingly.

Libra Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

Graceful, attractive, always tastefully dressed Libras-Horses make a stunning impression on the opposite sex. In personal relationships can not stand the monotony and boredom, they love to flirt and flirt. The love horoscope characterizes the Horse-Libra as a passionate person with a passionate temperament. Impulsive, emotional, capable of any madness for love. True, it is also easy to refuse a hateful partner. Shows seriousness only if experiencing a strong feeling.

On the issue of creating a family Libra-Horses fit thoroughly: no haste and fuss. In marriage, they manifest themselves as responsible, caring partners. In every possible way avoid quarrels and scandals, try to find a compromise. They are especially attentive to children, show themselves as wise, kind and understanding parents. Although not too fond of doing household chores, they still take on some of their responsibilities. Have a creative imagination, love to tinker with animals. House of Libras-Horses — a sample of beauty and comfort, it reigns benevolent atmosphere.

Libra Horse Business (Career & Goals)

These creatively gifted people will be able to express themselves well in professions related to art. Libras-Horses perfectly draw, finely feel the music and are not afraid to experiment. These are talented fashion designers, artists, architects and musicians. Although Horses-Libras can do several things at once, without prejudice to the result. They perfectly understand what goals they set for themselves, they are not scattered over trifles. They are distinguished by hard work, perseverance, and therefore they do not encounter serious obstacles on their way to the heights of success.

Libras-Horses — arrogant, sometimes unnecessarily demanding, but deeply committed people. They are eager to cooperate, try to take into account the opinion of colleagues, but still they are more oriented towards their own preferences. They are ambitious and vain, they do not want to stay in the shadow of more successful employees. They consider themselves entitled to take a management position, they know how to manage people. They strive to gain a reputation as a loyal and fair boss, although they are fully capable of appropriating the results of collective labor to themselves.

Libra Horse Man

The hard-working Libra-Horse man is aimed at success, he must implement all his plans and plans. But it is important for him, at what price well-being is achieved, will not participate in dubious matters, values his reputation of an honest man. He is distinguished by his steadiness, calmness and strong self-confidence. However, the quick-tempered nature of the Horse makes itself felt in the most unexpected situation. Libra-Horse is a man energetic and emotional, with equal enthusiasm, takes both the work and the clarification of the relationship. Women should be prepared for the fact that this is quite a demanding partner. A good-natured, peace-loving man, the soul of a company sometimes manifests itself as a stale, selfish man. But he can be trusted, wholeheartedly devoted to his family.

Libra Horse Woman

Business, assertive woman Libra-Horse is able to overcome any obstacles. Her activities can only be envied, vigorously tackles the most difficult problems. Libra-Horse is a purposeful woman, but still uncertain. She carefully conceals her weaknesses, tries to look like a cheerful person. In men, she values devotion, willingness to sacrifice himself for her interests. From a woman of this combination of signs, a gorgeous housewife can turn out, but she does not have much love and adoration for her loved ones, she needs universal recognition. Aimed at a brilliant career, the poet constantly disappears on her favorite work. However, the husband and children will not be left without her attention and care.

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