Sagittarius Horse

Such Sagittarius preserve the spontaneity of its own character, vigorously rejoice lives and derive great pleasure from everything that happens. Energetic, unpredictable Horse gives them even greater activity, curiosity. According to the combined horoscope Sagittarius-Horse is an optimist, a visionary and a great traveler. Leads life in constant motion, does not endure boredom and monotony. True, this continuous race for new impressions does not allow him to focus on more important matters. At its core, Sagittarius-Horse is a big child, seeking to know everything new and unknown. In his life there can be nothing permanent, but there is a place for an endless chain of changes — whether it is a change of marital status, work or place of residence.

Sagittarius Horse Traits

Cheerful, swift and unpredictable Sagittarius-Horse is not afraid to be original. It stands out among others for its appearance, demeanor and ability to think outside the box. Unpredictable, bold and very active, although often remains incomprehensible to others. People do not always share his passion for adventure, condemned for being too naive and gullible. The Horse-Sagittarius to a very old age retains children’s spontaneity and mental alertness. Differs stupid energy, sociability and optimism. Sagittarius-Horse does not give up under any circumstances: a negative result is also a result. She strives to keep up everywhere, can visit every day in different places and not a bit tired.

Sagittarius-Horse has such a huge stock of original ideas that it is not able to keep them in itself. He willingly shares his thoughts with others, and does not wait for approval and support — he copes with any tasks on his own. Craves communication, attention, has a good sense of humor. Sagittarius-Horse is the soul of any company: it sparkles with positive and fun. Eloquent, charming and very touching in her desire to please everyone around. This is a good organizer, knows how to interest people, instantly discharges the most tense atmosphere. Jokes, jokes, infectious laughter — this is Sagittarius-Horse. In a company with him is easy and fun, but do not relax too much: unpredictable, superficial, rarely delves into the essence of the problem.

The main feature of the sign Sagittarius-Horse is inexhaustible optimism. His belief in the best can not be broken, inclined to idealize everything that happens. Life-giving, active and very active: he works a lot for the fulfillment of his desires, and not just dreams. Differs diligence, dedication, trying to bring his plan to the end. Although there is a need for a change of activity, he does not like to sit in one place for a long time. The Sagittarius Horse is a diversified personality, its talents are countless numbers. Moreover, he generously shares his experience and knowledge with others, does not think of life outside of society. Sagittarius-Horse is a social person, needs communication, but seeks to take a leadership position.

Sagittarius Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

Amative Sagittarius-Horses completely surrender to their feelings, but, unfortunately, not for long. Not able to be faithful: frivolous, emotional and very inconstant in their preferences. They are courting beautifully, they are able to surprise with unusual surprises and original gifts — their imagination has no limits. According to the love horoscope, Sagittarius-Horse is an unpredictable, windy partner, prone to casual connections. It is difficult for this hot, temperamental person to decide on his choice: he lives with emotions and passions.

Despite its frivolous temper, the Sagittarius-Horse knows how to remain loyal to family traditions. Having entered into marriage, does not change his habits, but tries to become a serious, responsible person. It strives to establish itself in the role of leader, and at the same time it acts so softly that it does not cause protest in its half. He has an excellent sense of humor, knows how to smooth out the tense situation, so the scandals in his house - a rarity. In a circle of loved ones, Sagittarius-Horse can relax and manifest the other side of its nature: vulnerability. It is subject to doubts, it needs warmth and understanding.

Sagittarius Horse Business (Career & Goals)

This indefatigable person is capable of anything: build a successful career, start a business alone, make a scientific discovery. Distinctive features of his character: hard work, high interpersonal skills, dedication, developed creative thinking. It works easily with people, has no difficulty in communicating with colleagues. Despite its restlessness, the Sagittarius-Horse tries to complete the work, usually using innovative methods of work first. He has a reputation as a reliable, responsible person with innovative thinking.

The energetic, cheerful Sagittarius-Horse can make the work enjoyable. He likes to joke, trying to come up with something special that makes it easier to work. Sagittarius-Horse is easy to do any work, it is fully capable of performing routine duties. Among the people of this combination, you can find representatives of different fields of activity: writers, scientists, economists, doctors. But they feel best in professions connected with creativity and communication with people: actor, presenter, organizer of festive events, journalist.

Sagittarius Horse Man

Big optimists and great workers Sagittarius-Horses go through life easily, without noticing obstacles. A tremendous sense of humor helps them out in the most difficult life situations. People like their open, cheerful character. The Sagittarius-Horse man is always in the thick of events, women are drawn to him. Communication with him gives pleasure, besides it is a very generous person, he likes to pamper his chosen one. With no less enthusiasm, he refers to work, will not rest until he achieves an ideal result. A man of this combination of signs can take place in any profession, it is important for him to feel his importance. This is absolutely not mercantile and very noble person.

Sagittarius Horse Woman

Woman Sagittarius-Horse — a very attractive person, but in the first place she does not have a personal life, but her favorite work. Gets great pleasure from the business that she is passionate about. Sagittarius-Horses women are too freedom-loving to lock themselves in four walls. They are distinguished by an easy, cheerful nature, popular and loved by the surrounding people. Capable of captivating their ideas, they possess the gift of persuasion. They boldly set goals and know how to achieve the desired goal. A woman of this combination of signs will be happy with a reliable man who will not challenge her leading role in the family. She can maintain the house in perfect order, while her energy is enough for both work and public life.

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