Scorpio Horse

Resolute Scorpio-Horse shows enviable persistence in achieving its goals. It is impossible to stop this masterful stubborn, but it is easy to make a dangerous enemy if you constantly interfere in his affairs. He does not consider it necessary to adhere to general rules, always follows his wishes. According to the combined horoscope Scorpio-Horse is an imperious person with a strong will and a hot temperament. Not afraid of difficulties, not looking for support: too freedom-loving and independent to ask for help. It makes an impression of a proud, self-confident person, although it is pleasant in communication, it is able to please people. Even willing to make some concessions, of course, if it does not harm his affairs. Scorpio-Horse is selfish, proud, but still very charming: people are drawn to it.

Scorpio Horse Traits

Energetic, purposeful Scorpions-Horses are accustomed to achieving their goal with hard work. Differ in complex character, but always extremely honest and fair. Active Horse and strong-willed Scorpio — a good combination, endowing their representatives with vitality. Such people are able to overcome any obstacles. The surrounding people consider them lucky: they always get their way, without putting much effort. However, the success of the Scorpion Horses is the result of their long and hard work. They sacrifice a lot to achieve their dreams — they are people with amazing strength of mind. Secretive, emotionally restrained, do not want to show others their weaknesses. Horse Scorpions are born winners and should not be in doubt.

The freedom-loving Scorpio-Horse does not tolerate anyone’s interference in its affairs: it reacts harshly and sharply. Not afraid to make independent decisions, not looking for the approval of others. This is a self-sufficient, integral person, independent in his judgments. Although such a Scorpio under the influence of the emotional Horse becomes more sociable and liberated. But still remains true to its principle: never compromises. The main feature of the sign Scorpio-Horse is independence. People of this combination are convinced that they are right, they love to criticize others and guide their actions. At the same time, few people share their thoughts with them, carefully protect their personal space from outside interference.

Imperious Scorpio-Horse does not seek to please people, behaves as it sees fit. Sometimes it is too tough, demanding of others, which causes difficulties in communication. Although if desired, the Horse-Scorpio is able to make a good impression. Open to communication, likes to joke, feels free in any company. So charming and charismatic, that easily attracts attention. Able to manipulate people’s feelings, but only if absolutely necessary. The secretive and closed Scorpio-Horse is too focused on itself, is in constant tension: it is ready at any moment to repel the blow. She is not afraid of loneliness, tries to spend time with benefit: she thinks a lot on various topics.

Scorpio Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

In personal life for this self-confident person there are no insurmountable obstacles: he will find a way to achieve reciprocity. According to the love horoscope, Scorpio-Horse is a passionate partner with an irrepressible temperament. Sexually attractive, self-confident and very resourceful in courtship. Able to make a proper impression on the opposite sex. Scorpio-Horses like falling in love with themselves and playing with feelings of fans and female fans. However, not too rush to legitimize the relationship, unless you are convinced that you have found your ideal.

An independent, strong-willed Scorpio-Horse from the first days of marriage clearly indicates its position: he is the head of the family. All representatives of this combination, regardless of gender, tend to lead their loved ones, sometimes being too rough and tough. However, they do it from good intentions: they try to protect their families from misfortunes and misfortunes. In marriage, Scorpio-Horse manifests itself as a faithful and loyal partner, sincerely worried about the welfare of their loved ones. Does everything possible for their comfortable life.

Scorpio Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Ambitious Scorpio-Horse is eager for recognition and fame, seeking to build a successful career. Uses any method to achieve his goal. He has a healthy sense of adventurism, likes to experiment, try something new. Scorpio-Horse is not afraid to take responsibility for himself, he thinks freely and independently. Copes with the work of any complexity, although not too disposed to monotonous activities. Too active, energetic, to stay in one place.

In the professional field for the Scorpio-Horse there are no restrictions: it can achieve success in various fields of activity. Purposeful, energetic, possesses endurance and patience. This astute, intellectually gifted person is a good politician and scholar. Not only finds new original solutions to complex problems, but also knows how to insist on his own. Scorpio Horse does not need the support of the team, feels comfortable alone. It is strong entrepreneurial streak: able to organize a profitable business.

Scorpio Horse Man

The man of this combination of signs — a passionate nature, carried away, primarily guided by their own desires. He is keenly interested in everything that happens around him, likes to communicate. The Scorpio-Horse man is hardworking and energetic, but devoid of ambition. For him, the feeling of confidence in the future is especially important, therefore he chooses a profession that guarantees a stable income. He prefers effective and bright women, but at the same time quite calm and reserved. He needs a companion of life, who will not contradict and insist on his own. Scorpio-Horse is a thorough man, will try to create comfortable living conditions for his people.

Scorpio Horse Woman

Spectacular beauty Scorpio-Horse has the ability to please people. Natural magnetism and sexuality attract attention of fans to her. A clever and shrewd woman maintains good relations with all men, even with those whose love she rejected. An energetic, active woman Scorpio-Horse always achieves her own desires, not only with hard work, but also with the ability to manipulate the feelings and actions of people. As a partner in life, she considers a solid, serious man, consonant in everything to give in to her. Only she must have a decisive voice in the family, but if the husband does not agree with her leadership position, parting can not be avoided.

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