Taurus Horse

A prudent Taurus-Horse in all his actions is guided by logic, and not by feelings. He does not fuss and is not in a hurry to live, in every way he tries to avoid unpleasant moments: he follows his own way, not paying attention to what is happening around him. Pragmatic, cautious, not inclined to reckless actions. Does not seek to turn the world around and prove to everyone its exclusivity. On the combined horoscope Taurus-Horse is a resolute, strong-willed person. He firmly knows what he wants from life and understands how to achieve this. Stubborn, adamant: it is impossible to knock him off the intended path. Not prone to fear, almost devoid of any weaknesses, but at the same time knows how to be soft and romantic. The Horse-Taurus is a gentle and vulnerable person clad in solid armor.

Taurus Horse Traits

The pragmatic Taurus has the most favorable influence on the hot-tempered Horse: teaches her patience and practicality. People of this combination are characterized by a balanced character, the ability to think soberly and not to give in to emotions. Such Horses are less stubborn and capricious, but they are also assertive and resolute, like all other representatives of this sign. Do not chase the ghostly dreams, and quietly engaged in the daily business. Taurus, like any representative of the earthly sign, is prone to accumulation, partial to all material. Men and women Horses-Tauruses are economical, practical individuals who know the bill of money. They are characterized by endurance and high performance: earn a living by honest and hard work.

The main feature of the Taurus-Horse sign is purposefulness. This person never doubts anything, especially in his own success. Firmly believes in the possibility of fulfillment of any desires. Even in the most difficult situation, it retains the ability to think soberly, always assembled and fully focused on its goals. It is easy to get it conceived, perhaps because it does not dream of unrealizable things. The Horse-Taurus is a simple, earthly person, standing firmly on his feet. In his life there is no place for spontaneous actions, surprises and all sorts of nonsense. It gives the impression of a serious, thoughtful and very responsible person. It does not avoid communication, loves noisy companies, has a good sense of humor.

Energetic, active Taurus-Horse is distinguished by increased activity and sociability. He is interested in absolutely everything in the world, easily undertakes any business — he always has a clear plan of action in his head. It is extremely hardy, hardworking and conscientious person. The Horse-Taurus is a multifaceted personality, devotes a lot of time not only to work, but also to his hobbies. He prefers active rest: he likes to travel and discover new places for himself. Poor loneliness, easily finds a common language with others. Taurus-Horse is a public person: always in sight, among people. Although it is distinguished by restraint and conservatism, it still cannot live without vivid emotions and new impressions.

Taurus Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

In the love relationship, Taurus-Horse remains true to his usual behavior: restraint, regularity, pragmatism. Surrounding people may not even guess about the power of his temperament — this is a passionate, sensual nature. Just too cautious and prudent, for a long time looking for a soul mate. From the first days seeks to take a leadership position, sometimes showing excessive stubbornness and demanding. Therefore, the main secret of love compatibility with Taurus-Horse is endless patience and complete peace of mind.

Taurus-Horse is a good family man: first of all he thinks about close people, he tries to create comfortable living conditions for them. Shows itself as an attentive, sensitive partner, able to support in difficult times. True, prone to outbursts of anger, may well arrange a scandal. Especially unrestrained in situations where relatives show disobedience. Taurus-Horse is a leader: does not know how to obey, firmly defends his point of view. Let him not different eloquence, can not make compliments, but deeply devoted to his family.

Taurus Horse Business (Career & Goals)

A hardworking, stubborn Taurus-Horse can do any kind of activity — success is guaranteed. He chooses a profession in accordance with his hobbies, although he pays attention to the size of the salary. He does not like to waste his energy, he is looking for an opportunity to realize his talents with the maximum benefit. This strong, enduring person is not afraid of any work, he is fully capable of working physically, but with an obligatory perspective of career growth. Still, Taurus-Horse is too ambitious and ambitious to be content with little.

Men and women Taurus-Horses are distinguished by prudence and restraint. Rarely, almost never, do not find themselves in a bind. They do not avoid responsibility, they know how to set themselves and other clear goals. They always know what to do in any given situation, they have a backup plan of action. They are excellent organizers, caring and sensitive leaders. Taurus-Horse does not just control people, but tries to become a friend and a good adviser. She gets along well with her subordinates, except rare outbursts of anger.

Taurus Horse Man

Taurus-Horse is a perfect example of a strong-willed man who firmly follows his goals. He is distinguished by a pragmatic mind and diligence, so he easily achieves success. If he does not occupy the chair of the head, he is the best specialist, recognized authority. The main motive for active activity is money. Material values allow a Taurus-Horse man to feel a significant person, for this he is ready to work hard. In his personal life, he is a reliable partner, with whom it is easy to negotiate. Women like his calm and self-confidence, besides, he is very generous. He prefers to express his feelings with real actions, does not like and does not know how to make compliments.

Taurus Horse Woman

A prudent Taurus-Horse woman is not inclined to dreams and fantasies, her thoughts are occupied with pressing problems. At work, trying to occupy a high post, because a decent salary guarantees stability and material prosperity. Taurus-Horse is an attractive woman, moderately coquettish and playful. However, in the first place she is interested in a favorite thing, but personal relationships can wait. A businesswoman, an ambitious woman, will be happy with her chosen one, ready to put her shoulder in a difficult life situation. True, relations must be partnered, built on mutual respect and full trust. This independent, freedom-loving person will not tolerate pressure and intrusive control even from a beloved man.

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