Virgo Horse

Pleasant in communication, charming and positive Virgo-Horses make the most favorable impression on others. They are distinguished by a restrained, balanced character, but at the same time they are active, energetic, and at times impulsive. Such Virgos are more guided by feelings than logic and reason — the influence of the wayward Horse affects. The union of these two signs is extremely harmonious, endows its representatives with optimism, resourcefulness, and good nature. According to the combined horoscope the Virgo-Horse — reliable people, not inclined to rash actions. However, they know how to enjoy life, they have a cheerful and benevolent disposition. They strive to constantly develop, are open to communication and new knowledge — they manage to do it everywhere.

Virgo Horse Traits

Responsible, hardworking Virgo-Horses are not afraid of difficulties, boldly go to meet fate. They have a lot of advantages, so they easily achieve success. However, they are subject to emotions, sometimes they manifest themselves as impulsive, whimsical people. They can flare up and quarrel over a mere trifle, and, most importantly, they hardly come to reconciliation. Still, Horses-Virgos are proud, freedom-loving natures, although they give the impression of good-natured and balanced people. They need support, they are waiting for love and respect, they need to feel their own importance and irresistibility. Virgo-Horses are very attached to their loved ones and are ready for many things for their sake. However, these honest and principled people will never sink to lies and betrayal.

The main feature of the sign Virgo-Horse is reliability. Her boundless loyalty to loved ones deserves respect. In the first place puts human relations and doing everything possible to not tarnish their reputation. Horse-Virgo can be emotional, touchy and quick-tempered, but you can always rely on her. Able to combine public affairs and personal life. Active, energetic, with great enthusiasm involved in the fate of loved ones. Never leave a person in trouble with his problems. Be sure to come to the rescue, even to the detriment of their interests. Although sometimes the Virgo-Horse is so zealous in her desire to help, that she is in too much of a hurry and does rash acts, which only worsens the situation.

This talented, strong person is able to achieve a lot in life if he learns to manage his emotions. Possesses not only brilliant analytical skills, but also a strong intuition. In addition, the Virgo-Horse is practical, hardworking, but because of its excessive emotionality, it often misses out on lucrative opportunities. True, impulsiveness and tendency to spontaneous actions gives her life a special sharpness and brightness. However, the Horse-Virgo is too reasonable and logical to put up with chaos and confusion. Faced with troubles, begins to doubt their own abilities, falls into depression and despondency. At such moments, there should be a faithful and devoted friend, a wise adviser, next to her.

Virgo Horse Compatibility (Love & Family)

In the personal life of the Virgo-Horse is not only looking for sensual pleasures, but seeking to find true love. Not in a hurry with his choice: carefully studying each candidate for the role of life partner. Does not avoid communication, likes to have fun and arrange romantic dates. However, first of all he is looking for his soul mate, and not just enjoying the attention of the opposite sex. According to the love horoscope, Virgo-Horse is a reliable and at the same time passionate partner. Seriously set to marriage, but with all the forces seeks to preserve freshness in the relationship.

Virgo-Horse approaches family life with all possible seriousness and responsibility. Fully focused on their loved ones, trying to meet their expectations. Housewifely and very economic, loves cleanliness and order. Very attached to his family, painfully experiencing even the smallest quarrels. Tends to exaggerate their personal problems, panic at the thought of divorce. The main secret of love compatibility with the Virgo-Horse: tenderness and caring attitude. It needs support, is ready to move mountains if it feels love and understanding.

Virgo Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Attentive, punctual Virgo-Horse is able to cope with the work of any complexity. Distinguished by industriousness, although sometimes she does not find the strength to bring the matter to the end. In this case, the practicality of the Virgo is combined with the impulsiveness of the Horse. However, this behavior is rare. In general, the Virgo-Horse is a responsible, honest worker: he knows how to get together on time and channel energy in the right direction. Does not seek to occupy a prestigious or leadership position. He feels great in the role of the performer: the work should be enjoyable.

For the energetic Virgo-Horse there are no impossible tasks, for her the most important thing is to decide on your vocation. He likes communication, enjoys authority and respect, therefore he feels comfortable in any team. Virgo-Horse chooses a profession in accordance with their own interests, and not for practical reasons. Not bad manifests itself in working with documentation, numbers and formulas. Horses-Virgos are multifaceted, talented personalities; therefore, among them are athletes, politicians and actors.

Virgo Horse Man

Purposeful, active Virgo-Horse man is a good find for women who dream of a reliable partner. He is ready for any feats for the sake of the family, his endeavor and diligence can be envied. However, quick temper and emotionality are serious obstacles to success. He needs a wise mentor, able to direct his energy in the right direction. The Virgo-Horse man feels better in the role of a subordinate, not a leader. Its practicality, worldly wisdom allow you to live comfortably, but he can not achieve high material wealth. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as a passionate, temperamental partner, he needs bright emotions. At the same time, a very loyal and devoted family, adoring his wife and children.

Virgo Horse Woman

Practical woman Virgo-Horse is aimed at a successful career, she knows how to properly dispose of her natural data. It is distinguished by intelligence, discretion and rare diligence. Therefore, it is easy to achieve the intended goals, though it does not forget about personal life. The Virgo-Horse is a woman devoted to the interests of the family: the husband and children are under constant control. Always can give the right advice and support at a difficult moment. Not prone to hysterics, it is impossible to hear a rude word from her. However, this is a very emotional nature, so the husband should behave with restraint and reasonable. If necessary, can arrange a grand scandal with the smashing of dishes and loud clarification of relations. And so it is quite a decent, balanced woman.

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