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Leos — proud, power-hungry people, capable of noble deeds. They strive for luxury and wealth, attach great importance to material goods. The Sun in Leo is at the peak of its greatness, therefore generously shares its own power with the representatives of this sign. But the fate and character of a person to a large extent depend on the animal-patron of the year of birth. The eastern horoscope contains the knowledge of Chinese astrologers who own ancient secrets. Therefore, the most reliable source can be considered a combined horoscope, taking into account the influence of the western and Chinese signs of the Zodiac.

Representatives of the Leo sign are distinguished by a complex character, full of contradictions. Noble, generous people in some matters can show pettiness, rudeness, anger. They strive to serve high ideals, but enjoy themselves, subordinating themselves to the will of other people, trampling their sense of dignity. They tend to exaggerate their own importance, they feel the need for compliments, luxurious gifts. The people of the Leo-Goat sign are egoistic and vain, do not consider it necessary to make any efforts, favorably perceive the service of people to their interests.

Leo is a sign of creation, whose representatives are real professionals. Active, energetic people with a healthy ambition are able to reach the top of their careers. They think that the leader’s place is suitable for them, no less. They have the organizational talent, the power of persuasion, that’s why they perfectly cope with their duties. For example, the Lion-Horse gives all his strength to work, and works hard and sacrifices his personal life for the sake of his favorite business. He occupies a rather high position, the only danger on the way to success is excessive vanity.

In love relationships, Leo fully demonstrates his actor’s gift. Playing whole views to attract attention or achieve the desired result. He writes beautifully, speaks a lot, so the other half receives from him at least a hundred compliments a day, and sometimes whole poems. Lion in love completely gives himself up to the feeling, if necessary bravely comes into the struggle with rivals, he is a born leader who always achieves his. This behavior is typical for Leo-Tiger, it does not matter to him how realistic the goal is, the most important are bold, decisive actions. There is no doubt that the object of his passion will be subdued.

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