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People of the Libra sign are born diplomats, masterfully smooth out embarrassing moments, find a compromise in the most difficult situations. These are pleasant interlocutors, in dialogue with associates show tact, endurance, calmness. But Libra-Monkey differs increased activity, does not consider it necessary to hide their emotions. Her obsessive attention tires, irritates. In this case, the animal that protects the year of birth has more influence than the Libra zodiacal sign. Only the combination of Chinese and Western horoscopes will provide a fairly accurate picture of the character of a person, his individual characteristics.

Clever, insightful people of the Libra sign, without much difficulty, achieve a high position. They support the right connections, have good relations with management. They do not have a sufficient supply of patience and endurance, they tire very quickly, so they prefer to engage in intellectual work. But they can not be called lazy, they just think that work should be fun. For example, Libra-Ox responsibly approaches his duties, is a true professional. For him, work is not only a source of material goods, but also the meaning of life.

Libra — a sign that governs relations. They are romantics who dream of a single love for life. They strive to find a reliable, reliable partner, he must have qualities that they have little expressed in themselves: determination, endurance. Scales search in the second half not only for internal strength, but also for external attractiveness. It is important for them to see next to them a worthy person who meets the highest standards. Libra-Rabbit has good manners, attractive appearance, therefore invariably causes interest in the opposite sex. He does not hurry to bind himself with obligations, he is searching for his ideal for a long time, but sooner or later he finds happiness in his family life.

Libra people are aesthetes, enjoying the contemplation of everything beautiful: people, things. For all their spiritual subtlety, they are materialists, striving for luxury and wealth. They experience spiritual comfort, surround themselves with objects of art, like to spin in an exquisite society. Carefully protect your inner world from the brutal interference of self-confident, aggressive people. For example, Libra-Dragon goes through life easily, does not deny himself entertainment, loves spending time in cheerful companies. But in pursuit of external brilliance misses important moments of life.

In total there are 12 variants of combinations for the Libra sign, each of which contains valuable information regarding the character of a person, based on the date of birth.

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