Aquarius Dog Man

Aquarius-Dog man has a light attitude to life and always has some hobbies, which he follows and embodies without hesitation. It should be noted that the relationship for him is also a kind of passion, so he can catch fire with love, but will also cool down quickly. At the same time, he is capable of bright serious feelings when compatible with a partner. It should be noted that he is very independent.

Complex nature, coupled with a critical attitude to the whole life, creates difficulties for these men. They can be friendly with friends and despotic with close people. Originality and uniqueness allows them to achieve excellent results in their careers and personal lives. But they often destroy everything themselves. This is due to their constant desire to criticize everything around.

By nature, this strong-willed, strong, determined and purposeful nature. They will never turn away from the intended path, even if everything around them is in the way. Persistence allows them to achieve all the best in life. They tend to assess each of their actions, weigh all the pros and cons of any action. As a result, they may miss the chance, but make up for everything by perseverance. However, in this case they will spend more energy and energy.

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Aquarius Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He always wants to find his lover. At the same time intuition and inner feeling allow him not to be mistaken. That’s why he rarely has many partners and most often does not even appoint a meeting with a woman if he is sure that she will not be with her. He is too active to start using his time for useless meetings. He loves change, but not in love or friendship.

He chooses a partner, depending on its development. Intellectual spiritual union is important to him, and not carnal love, which is why he has been choosing his partner for so long. It should be noted that he enters into marriage when he is confident in a partner. And this does not happen immediately, so marriages at a later age are normal for him. In relations, friendship prevails, and not love, as he values friendly relations.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

He is romantic, that’s why he always strives to arrange and spend a special time together. That is why for his seduction you may need some attributes, for example, champagne, silk underwear, flowers. He loves long caresses and attention to his desires, waiting for satisfaction. At the same time he is also ready to give the partner a bright pleasure and pleasure from physical communication with him.

Intimate life for him means little, since he welcomes only a spiritual union. Of course, without a bed, relations with him will not be, since this is the norm for him. However, in the first place, he sets the community of interests and hobbies. He can do without frills, and can fully accept all the experiments. He is an ideal partner who listens to the opinion of the partner.

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Aquarius Dog Man in Family and Marriage

His family life is very interesting. He perfectly arranges the life, can establish harmonious relations within the family. It should be noted that in his house it is always cozy and pleasant to be. At the same time he likes frequent changes of scenery, so you need to be prepared for frequent repairs, arrangement and change of the interior. He has an excellent taste, so he can decorate his home in a special way, not paying attention to fashion.

He always makes good contact with relatives, so he can always ask for help from them. At the same time he is always ready to help his surroundings, because by nature he is an altruist who does not require something in return. It should be noted that he loves communication, so his house is always full of guests. His wife is associated with a warm relationship, in which the spiritual principle prevails.

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Dog Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

These men from the youth know how they will achieve a certain position. For this they can apply their knowledge, acquaintances and connections. The combination of all their efforts gives a positive result. They always make an excellent career even with minimal abilities. Financially they are always successful and successful in any projects. It is enough for them to think over the line of earnings so that life will give them a chance to do so.

These men are recommended to be softer and more democratic towards their surroundings and close people. If they can realize these qualities, it will be especially easy for them to achieve their goals. Harmony in the soul will be the basis of harmony in the outer life. Excessive criticality can lead to loneliness. It is worth more energy to spend on love, because there is nothing stronger than it in the world. Their ability is worth spending on men to give them something better, not just to achieve their goals.

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