Aries Dog Man

The Aries-Dog man is distinguished by a kind and cheerful disposition. With him it is easy to communicate, and he can always come to the rescue in a difficult situation. He always preserves the love of life, which generously gives away to others. This is a real and kind friend, which is very difficult to find. Nevertheless, if he is angry, he can show sharp fangs and appear to you far from an affable and good-natured guy. Therefore, it is better not to do this.

These men have a lot of talent, so any occupation is on their side. However, often the determining factor in their lives is the need for self-development. If this is present in their lives, they will be able to show the best life results. Otherwise, they may find themselves in a quandary. With a favorable scenario, these men usually achieve unprecedented success.

These men are distinguished by their assertiveness, their penetrating power in achieving their goals. They can get everything they need, often without using any of their talents, but only through perseverance. They are very serious, so they can not always take due care of their successes. And this leads to disappointment. They should value themselves and their qualities of character more to just feel happier.

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Aries Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It is very important for him to find a companion of life with which he could pass his way. In love relationships, he acts as a faithful, kind and caring partner. He expects all this from his chosen one, but, unfortunately, this is often not the case. He quickly becomes attached to his object of love and, therefore, he experiences a lot of separation — with deep periods of depression and apathy.

He needed rather not a mistress, but a girlfriend who could surround him with care and great love. Then he will be really happy and will be able to show all his positive qualities. But, if in his life there were a lot of disappointments and separation, he often becomes tough and stale. Often he has attacks of anger, but they pass quickly enough, and he again becomes soft, sympathetic and kind.

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Aries-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

He is a little shy about intimate relationships in any manifestation. Therefore, it is difficult for him to move this line and start a new stage of relations, even if he is in love. Therefore, he is unlikely to arrange romantic evenings to excite and surprise his woman. Together with all this he is wounded, so even a small criticism can be the cause of the deepest depression.

In the intimate sphere, he does not pretend to play a leading role, preferring a woman’s initiative. He likes sincere relations, where there is no falsehood and excessive vulgarity. To awaken and tame him can only an understanding and loving girl, for whom he will open in a new guise. He is a passionate and sincere lover, and his softness and spontaneity can charm any girl.

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Aries Dog Man in Family and Marriage

Even if he found his love, it will be difficult for him to decide on marriage. But if this happens, then he will be the best husband and owner. He perfectly controls the family budget, buying only healthy foods and the right things. As a husband he will be very faithful and caring. From it turns out a wonderful and caring father who can raise his children in love and understanding of life.

Change on his part will never be, even if he is extremely unhappy in marriage. He will always try to keep the family, putting to it an incredible effort. Living with him is very easy and simple, since he radiates extraordinary joy and joy even in gray everyday life. He has unlimited patience and he will be able to forgive her a lot, surrounding her with unlimited love and attention.

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Dog Aries Man — Career and Finance

The career plans of these men are particularly bright in their imagination. They can all their lives to achieve a certain position. And having received it, understand that this is not their place. They find it difficult to understand their inner aspirations, which leads to some blurring of desires. However, in office, they always perform their duties at a high level. To the financial side of life these men are completely indifferent, are often small.

These men are encouraged to bring more certainty into their lives. All doubts need to be resolved quickly, without hanging them. You can not take all the responsibilities for yourself, especially in the professional sphere. The fact is that they destroy themselves emotionally, devoting their entire lives to work. It is worth paying more attention to the family, personal, romantic relationships. This is what should become permanent value for them.

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