Cancer Dog Man

Cancer-Dog man gives the impression of a soft and gentle guy, however he is quite strict and serious in everything. However, he does not seek a lasting relationship, relations are important for him at the moment, and what will happen tomorrow, he is not interested. It should be noted that in the career he also does not achieve much, as he is always full of emotions and passions, which negatively affect his work. Often he aspires to pleasure.

They amaze at how easy and gentle they are in life. They are soft and supple, but this is only an external sensation. In fact, they have a strong inner core, which no one will be able to break. They are realistic about life’s realities, without falling into depression. To maintain a good mood, they use irony and sarcasm. They like to live according to the routine, but this must be the plan of life they have established.

By nature, these are dualistic natures. They have a developed intuition, they can achieve a lot, thanks to their resourcefulness and cunning. Their main passion is occultism, so they often strike mysticism. They are powerful and do not tolerate objections. They have a well-defined system of values, which they try on every situation. This eccentricity, which often seem soft and charming surrounding.

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Cancer Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is quite interesting about love. On the one hand, he is affectionate and strives to always be with a partner. And on the other hand, he is ready to enslave her and achieves it completely unnoticed. He often aspires to leadership, but he manages to achieve this only with some partners. In most cases, the woman suppresses him, but he does not understand this, agrees with this state of affairs.

He is very emotional, so love for him is an area in which he feels comfortable. However, he often comes up with more than it really is. And this creates special difficulties for him when forming relations with his beloved. It should be noted that he can love sincerely, but he does not always realize this because of his fantasies about what is not always possible to realize in the present.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

Intimate life is perceived by him as an essential part of the relationship. That’s why he goes to these relations without much hesitation. It is important for him to be loved and cared for, so he believes that bed is the shortest way to this. However, he may be wrong, so it is recommended that he carefully study his partner before going to the closeness. In this case, a nervous breakdown will not happen.

He is quite conservative, so he does not always strive for leadership in intimate relationships. He loves all the most simple and well-established, as it allows him to feel confident. He wants to get a bright satisfaction, so he can forget about the partner for the sake of his enjoyment. At the same time he is not always ready for experiments and strives for everything simple and ordinary in this area.

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Cancer Dog Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage for him is not very important, relations are important. That’s why he often can only be a civil husband. He always tries to establish harmonious relations in the family, but he does not get it, as he, most likely, suppresses his home care and excessive care. As a result, his family try to escape from the house for rest from all obsession and even unpleasant.

He usually communicates well with relatives, so he easily gets help from them. However, he can condemn them for their behavior, lifestyle. This approach makes it somewhat mercantile. It should be noted that with children he is truly honest and truthful. He will never sacrifice their interests. But he does not notice, suppresses them, does not allow them to show independence.

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Dog Cancer Man — Career and Finance

For them, career and finance are not as important realities as for other people. They try to go easily through life, providing themselves with comfort and a pleasant pastime. To move up they need some kind of stimulus. It can even be a struggle with superiors, colleagues. If this is so, they will be able to achieve good results. Otherwise, they will be able to stay in middle positions all their lives.

These men are recommended not just to look for a basis in themselves, but also to look around. It is very dangerous for them to be satisfied, as this leads to a complete halt in development. You should constantly set goals, achieve them. Setting a goal, you need to set and the timing of its implementation. They can not be categorically stopped, otherwise the absence of movement will lead to the fact that they will get bogged down in reality, having lost their best qualities of personality.

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