Capricorn Dog Man

Capricorn-Dog men love order and discipline in everything. They since birth have such qualities as duty and responsibility, especially before people close to them. They are very kind and kindhearted and try to help all with their advice and certain actions. But at the same time they have a rather tough character, due to which they reach all the goals set and adjust all life situations for themselves.

These men always strive to make other people’s lives better. To do this, they use moralizing, which quickly bothers. But in some cases, their sense of tact still allows them to turn to their men. Usually they become successful. This is partly due to the fact that they easily relate to life, often with humor refer to different situations. Everything ordinary in their performance is fun and interesting.

By nature, these are ambitious and subtle men. They know how to achieve the goal, without spending a lot of time and effort on it. They are so charming that they are always surrounded by numerous friends. By setting a goal, they see the end result — entertainment, luxury and money. This is a great incentive, so it is easy for them to achieve everything they have conceived. They often deny the seriousness of life, making it a fun adventure.

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Capricorn Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is very vulnerable, sensitive, and he himself is afraid of all these feelings. Having become acquainted with him closer, his lover will be surprised at how rich his inner world is and how soft he is, kind and caring. He quickly fastens to his beloved woman and even sometimes can fall under her dependence. Any parting and quarreling he takes too close to heart and can experience them very deeply.

In love, he shows great seriousness. He is very distrustful in dating with girls and tries not to open his soul and let them into his life. He can demonstrate this in many ways. One of them is his independence, when he himself tries to solve all the issues and make important decisions without consulting anyone. It should be noted that all this inaccessibility is only a protective reaction.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

In bed, he does not prefer to lead, allowing his mistress to feel like a real seductress. To engage in love with him, a woman needs some time to prepare, since he loves all kinds of scenery. So, it should be properly designed bedroom, silk underwear, lighted candles and so on. Therefore, if you really want to hit him, then prepare accordingly.

Establish an intimate relationship with him will only be reliable in his eyes a girl. Here he shows his conservatism and does not want to enter into such relations before marriage. In bed, he is a passionate and emotional partner who will receive from physical relationships a sincere pleasure. Together with this he does not like to build illusions and stay in fantasies, as other guys do.

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Capricorn Dog Man in Family and Marriage

This is a very good owner who will keep the house clean and tidy, coping with all the tasks on its own. Careful and attentive of it turns out and partner. He will be interested in all the affairs of his wife and will try to help her with something. With relatives, he tries to maintain an even relationship, not wanting to quarrel with anyone. But if his rights are hurt, he will appear on the other side.

He treats his wife’s choice very carefully. He needs a reliable girl with whom he can feel confident. Even a lover, he can sometimes give his wife a cold wave and detachment, which she should get used to. In general, getting along with him will be quite easy, because he is ready to make big enough concessions and compromises to maintain peace in the family.

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Dog Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

Easily walking through life, they can achieve good results. So, where some people have to spend a lot of time and energy, they pass without delay. But the result they may not always be positive. The financial side of life often becomes a goal, and the means is a career. Such a combination allows them to become successful, although the reason for the rise is the banal money.

These men are recommended not to be so careless, as this can lead to serious illnesses, loss of success. Some seriousness will help them to interest other people in their person. It is impossible to refuse from trivialities, because often they contain the life truth. Without missing any details, they will be able to see something more. Most often it allows you to seize the opportunity, perhaps the only one in your life.

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