Gemini Dog Man

The Gemini-Dog man is characterized by impermanence, and also by a great desire to change something in his life. He is also incredibly active, so he is constantly on the move and likes to be in different places at the same time. Fail to follow him, not everyone can, because he has more energy! However, this is what prevents him from concentrating on anything concrete and achieving results in one area.

These men always try to keep up with the times. They accept all new ideas, fashion trends are very easy. At the same time, they cherish the traditions, try to find their place in their lives. It is very important for them to be free to feel comfortable. If they are restricted by their own men, they will just break their relationship with them. In general, they can achieve a good position if they simply follow their aspirations.

By nature, they are strong and strong-willed individuals. In their life there is no place for fears and complexes. Thanks to this, they manage to achieve excellent results in many areas. Possessing many talents, they are always attractive to men. Priority in life they consider a career, so they try to devote all their time. Possessing intuition, they understand that they want to see people in them, so they try to justify their expectations.

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Gemini Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

The search for love for him often becomes the main meaning of life. He quickly becomes attached to a woman, but at the same time tries to maintain his independence. Unfortunately, such conflicting desires can not always combine in everyday life. That’s why he often has conflicting feelings inside, when he does not know what to decide. He needs a partner who could really understand him.

Despite his self-confident appearance, he is very important care and attention from his beloved. Unlike other men, he rarely in his life chases the ideal, knowing that it simply does not exist. Therefore, he accepts a woman as she is and does not try to change her. He easily adapts to her and her habits. He demands the same thing from her, which he does not always receive.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

An intimate relationship for him is an important part of his life. With their help, he can show his beloved his feelings and show special concern. He really likes to take care, so he can often forget about his needs and desires. At the same time, he can keep silent about them. He needs such a partner, who could not only take, but also give in return his sincere feelings and love.

Love for change manifests in his bed. He loves something new and is not averse to making love in new scenery, as well as an unfamiliar place. This greatly excites him and allows him to fully penetrate the process. In such relations, he does not prefer to lead, trying to give the whole initiative to his partner and trustfully follow him. But he can become the initiator of any games, since his fantasy is well-developed.

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Gemini Dog Man in Family and Marriage

From it turns out a loving, faithful and faithful spouse. Despite his love of adventure, he is unlikely to decide on betrayal, preferring one, a stable partner. He is very patient, and also too soft, so it will be very easy to build a harmonious relationship with him. This is a good owner who will try to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, so that everyone would like to come back here.

His wife, he pays a lot of attention and tries to help her in all matters. However, he does not forget about his hobbies, as well as hobbies. This helps him to maintain his balance in his life. With the advent of children, he can forget about his passions, devoting his time only to the family. From it turns out a loving and caring dad, who will educate his children in a democratic style.

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Dog Gemini Man — Career and Finance

They can make a career at once in several areas that are not related to each other. This is due to their versatile talents and ability to listen to any business. It is also important that they perform all with care and skill, as they accumulate experience actively in any situation. The financial side of life can not occupy them, but at the same time they achieve stability in this sphere only thanks to their merits.

You can not constantly chase after career accomplishments, devote all the time only to work. In the first place for them should be a spiritual development, as this will give support for later life. It is necessary to develop a system of principles that are important to observe. Aspiring to a certain goal, one must remember that its achievement is not all. Therefore, before the start of the race, you should carefully analyze it and then take certain actions.

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