Leo Dog Man

Leadership is his main feature. The Leo-Dog man, at all costs, seeks to take a leading position in any area of his life. At the same time he is inclined to take responsibility not only for himself, but also for the surrounding people. He is a confident and unyielding guy who sincerely believes in his rightness and wants to defend it to the end. This behavior often becomes a source of misunderstanding and numerous disputes.

A feature of these men is the ability to deal exclusively with their own business. They perfectly achieve the main life goals, but they are not always ready to move in this direction even further. So, after occupying leading positions, they are waiting for the moment when they can give up this and take up their hobbies. In any life situations, they preserve decency and honesty. That’s why they appreciate the surrounding men.

These men are characterized by a powerful energy that allows them to always move forward. Self-reliance and enterprise, the ability to achieve all the best makes them excellent performers and leaders. They are ambitious, but in moderation, they can completely give up their jobs if they do not like them. Their main quality is the ability to move to fulfill their spiritual needs.

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Leo Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Love for him is the main goal in his life. He likes to feel this feeling, to give it to his beloved and just shine with happiness. But most importantly, in such periods, he can also feel needed, loved and desired. I must say that around him there are always a lot of fans who want to build personal relationships with him. He himself does not mind doing this, but his difficult character can spoil everything.

He sets out the high demands of his beloved, many of which she simply can not fulfill. I like him and his freedom, which he will not exchange for anything in this life. Therefore, he always acts as he sees fit, which is not to the liking of many girls. Despite this, he very quickly becomes attached to his beloved and after a while does not think his life without it.

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Leo-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

In intimate relationships, he feels like a fish in the water. He likes such expressions of feelings and emotions that allow him to plunge into a deep sensual world. By nature, he is given an indescribable charm, so he can easily excite a woman. He also likes preparing for a romantic evening, when he can pick up clothes and create the appropriate atmosphere in the apartment.

Often, he becomes a leader in intimate relationships, when he will direct his partner. At the same time, he can forget about her needs, adjusting herself only to her desires. In such moments he should hint about this, and then he can change his behavior. In bed, he is affectionate, attentive and affectionate. But he has a tendency to excessive narcissism, which may not appeal to many girls.

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Leo Dog Man in Family and Marriage

This is quite an attentive and affectionate partner, who is very responsible for all his duties. He will keep the house in order, clean and cook delicious meals. Not to say that he will be delighted with such activities, but he will try to fulfill them at the highest level. Of course, provided that his wife can provide for him and will spend a lot of time at home.

Live with him will only be a girl who will put up with his character. He constantly needs to be given honor, respect and special attention. Then he will be flattered by this and in return necessarily generously endow his feelings. In family relationships, he often seeks leadership. He wants to make many decisions on his own, control the budget and so on.

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Dog Leo Man — Career and Finance

Career for them is only a means to achieve financial prosperity. They can refuse to work if they are allowed their financial condition. In this case, they will be engaged exclusively in their favorite business. If they do not achieve financial well-being, they will give the work as long as it will be necessary to receive a certain amount. A rational approach to these areas makes them prepared for family life.

These men are encouraged to learn to say "no" to themselves and other people. The fact is that their hobbies are too enthralling them, creating problems for work and family. You also need to always measure what is given and what is received. If there is no balance, there will be no harmony. Doubts and mistakes are a blessing, as they give them invaluable experience and knowledge. Otherwise, the line of behavior of these men is correct and it should be followed for a harmonious and full life.

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