Libra Dog Man

Libra-Dog man has absorbed the best qualities of both signs. He is good-natured and peaceful, sociable and friendly. He loves beauty in all spheres of life, so he often surrounds himself with all the best. But he also has dark sides of character. He constantly seeks to prove that there is justice and is looking for ways to retaliate. Such contradictions in the character makes him particularly warlike.

These men are full of life and energy. They often specially create situations when they can realize their abilities. At the same time, they can create conflicts, if they believe that it will do them good. The main motive of their life is the search for truth, often for this they are allowed to go into all serious. They are very emotional, so they can be clearly angry, casting fear into the enemy. They tend to constantly develop spiritually.

By nature, they are independent, determined and interesting personalities. They can demonstrate to others only the bright side of their character, not letting them know that they can be subjected to melancholy. These are powerful people who like to suppress, but they should avoid this desire, as it destroys their personality. It is necessary to remain bright and pleasant in all respects, so that in life everything will go well and develop positively.

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Libra Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he seeks to fully preserve his individuality. If the partner will encroach on his choice or other areas of life, he will not stand on ceremony and part with it. It should be noted that such periods can alternate. He can be piercingly gentle and affectionate, but then this mood is replaced by his militancy. That is why he is often in search of a partner, since not everyone can withstand his character.

He is always inwardly in search of the meaning of life, therefore, it is not always possible to correctly assess reality. The fact is that his internal contradictions are pouring out into private life. As a result, he is extremely wounded, willful and does not want to listen to criticism. That’s why, he often remains alone. To prevent this from happening, he should just be more loyal to his partner.

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Libra-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him can only mean the recognition of his beauty and masculinity. If a woman does not accept something in him, he will close and not continue to have a relationship. It should be noted that he has no special requirements for an intimate sphere. He can enjoy even simple caresses and may not go any further. His partner can play the main role, he fully accepts this approach.

He loves all the most simple, so silk linen will not make him happy. He always chooses comfort, not entourage, although often comfort and luxurious entourage can go side by side. That is why in the intimate sphere it can be surprising. He is very receptive. In particular, these can be traditional caresses and the process itself, which will bring him satisfaction, and in return he will try to give her satisfaction in return.

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Libra Dog Man in Family and Marriage

He can establish good relations with relatives. Very often they turn to him for advice, and he gladly helps them. With a spouse, relations can also be even if he does not make high demands on her. As a rule, he always seeks to have a family, so he can have a lot of children. At the same time, he will always give them enough time and help achieve everything in life.

He can not always get along in the family, because he is always interested only in his own affairs, he wants to pursue his goals. He hardly gets used to family duties, as he always does what he likes. With him you can have a great time, but he can not always be a good owner. If he has a good housekeeper, then family life can quite suit him.

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Dog Libra Man — Career and Finance

They like to compete, so they can strive for such an activity, where this quality will be fully realized. If they can find such a sphere, they will be especially happy. Their financial well-being will be very controversial. On the one hand, they tend to receive good gifts from life, but they can lose them. As a result, it is difficult to say that they will achieve stability, but they will not live in poverty either.

These men are recommended to act more than speak. Friendship and the location of men need to be valued more, because careless words can injure them so that they completely refuse to communicate. For family relations you need to prepare and accept the terms of the partner. By adopting these recommendations, it will be easier for these people to build relationships, be happier with simple human happiness, and not just a desire to be the first.

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