Pisces Dog Man

Pisces-Dog man — gentle, responsive and friendly. He loves communication and tries to build trust and warm relations with everyone. He does not like scandals and quarrels, so in order to avoid them, it can easily yield to others. Many perceive this behavior as a weakness, but this is far from the case. This is a very strong person who alone can cope with all adversity in her life.

These men have many positive qualities. And these qualities are necessary for them, as they have to constantly overcome difficulties and difficulties. Fate can be unfavorable to them at a young age, and to the mature period everything becomes balanced. You can not trample on your own ideals, even if it seems profitable. Sincerity and purity of thoughts can lead them to positive results.

By nature, these are hard-working, hardy and seasoned men. Thanks to these three qualities, they manage to achieve their goals. They perceive life as a romantic journey, in which they take direct part. They are so fond of everything that happens to them, that life is always brightly colored. Loyalty to oneself and principles makes them unshakable.

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Pisces Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Sociable, pleasant and friendly he always attracts the opposite sex. With him you can easily find a common language, share your problems and difficulties. To each he will try to help with his sincere advice. However, building a personal relationship with him will not be so easy. He is in search of something reliable and stable, so resorts and short novels do not attract him.

Since, in love, he acts as an affectionate, attentive and incredibly devoted partner. He will always be on the side of his lover, protecting her from various attacks. Despite the seeming softness, he puts forward to his partner quite significant requirements. Often, it can be sarcastic and overly critical. But it can be easily avoided, using the right approach — it’s caress, attention and love.

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Pisces-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

He’s incredibly emotional. He likes to make love, because only such way, he can tell about his feelings and special attitude. Unlike other men, he likes the preparatory process more, when he can lure a woman, arouse her and indulge in long caresses. Here, he does not prefer to take up his partner, completely following her instructions and relying on her experience.

One can not help to notice his special sensitivity, thanks to which he can easily foresee the mood of his partner. He always tries to get along with her and give her the maximum pleasure. But he does not forget about himself, also following his needs and needs. Sometimes he can have serious mood swings, when he can suddenly become cold and inaccessible, but it’s worth getting used to.

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Pisces Dog Man in Family and Marriage

Having married, he is ready to devote his wife all his time, even forgetting about his hobbies, career and so on. This is a very sensitive and considerate partner, for which the family becomes the most important in life. He is a wonderful master who can manage well with all his household chores. It’s not bad he builds up communication with all his new relatives, maintaining good relations with them.

But, despite all its softness, to get on with him under one roof will not be such a simple task. He is emotional and does not want to hide his indignation on any issue. However, for this it will need to be brought. He has a lot of patience, but it also has limits. One can not help but note his particular vulnerability, so any word he hears or comments about him can be quite painful.

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Dog Pisces Man — Career and Finance

Gifted with numerous talents, they can make a career in almost any field. To do this, it is enough for them to apply their diligence, which they have in full. They are also wise enough to make the right decisions in achieving their goals. This type of man always receives from life a maximum of the privileges of the financial plan, since they do not really chase profit, they just do their job.

These men are encouraged to find their main vocation and follow it. You can not be distracted by trifles, since this can lead to a loss of the thread of success. They should take their lives as a series of events that experience gives them. You can not stop, you need to constantly move. For them, even the slightest stop leads to degradation in all respects. It is worth becoming a permanent engine for your spiritual development, which in reality gives them only joy.

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