Scorpio Dog Man

Scorpio-Dog man is very astute, wise and kind guy. He likes to communicate and therefore tries to surround himself with a lot of friends. By nature, he is given a great power, which helps him cope with all the difficulties and difficulties in life. Unlike other men, he is able to work in stressful situations, making the right decisions. At the same time, he shows maximum perseverance and perseverance.

They are idealists. They take into account only their opinion, because they consider them to be the only correct ones. But this prevents them from often achieving harmony with society. They may feel unhappy due to imperfections in the world, but they can not bring something better to it because they do not want to cooperate with other people. At the same time they have the ability to recognize the mood of others, but they do not use this quality.

By nature, they are nice men with a lot of imagination. They are reliable, they emit a wave of warmth. In friendship, they are the most faithful companions that you can wish yourself. Gifted with diverse talents, they have enough strength and capabilities to achieve impressive results. However, it is important for them to find their vocation and it should be done from an early age.

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Scorpio Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Getting acquainted with him will be a simple matter. He loves the attention of women and is able to skillfully flirt with them. However, he is attentive to the choice of his partner, so not everyone is allowed to build personal and closer relations with him. To do this, it needs to demonstrate its reliability, stability and sincere feelings, which are its main criteria.

In fact, love means a lot to him. For her, he can abandon all his hobbies and even a career. In addition, he very quickly becomes attached to his lover and at the break even can not imagine life without it. However, this is his inner sensation and perception, about which no one will know. He prefers to hide all his feelings and experience emotions on his own.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

He is very emotional and sensual partner. Intimate relationships are one of the main spheres in his life, to which he pays much attention. He rarely in bed behaves shamefaced and insecure, on the contrary, he knows his authority over women well and skillfully uses it. He likes to lead, direct his partner, but do not mind and swap places with her, giving her full initiative.

He speaks well the language of the body, since from childhood he has become accustomed to living in his sensual world. He is very attentive to the needs of his partner and tries to satisfy them. But he does not forget about himself, which allows him to achieve complete harmony in such relationships. It also applies fairly liberally to a new experiment that can be obtained with the help of various experiments.

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Scorpio Dog Man in Family and Marriage

Despite such needs, this is a very loyal and faithful partner. He is unlikely to decide on betrayal, even if the relationship in the family will not suit him. He will also protect his wife from various attacks from his friends. He will help her to solve many difficulties in life and will go along with her a long journey together. Quite good is obtained from him the owner, who will keep the house in perfect order.

The creation of one’s own family becomes for him one of the important goals in life. However, due to his inflated demands for a partner, he often marries at a more mature age. His partner should remember that to get along with him under one roof is possible not everyone. He likes to lead in all respects, make decisions independently and from time to time feel free.

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Dog Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

These men always seek solitude, they want to be alone with themselves. However, their bright abilities make them move to the top of the career ladder. Usually they manage to achieve good results, as they simply and organically flow into any team. They are not indifferent to finance, as they are striving for a calm, stable and even somewhat luxurious life.

They are advised to resolve problems in a timely manner. They need to build relationships with their parents on another wave, do not take them as enemies. Learn to trust, because this quality will help to understand other people, to feel support. Especially this feeling needs to be nurtured within yourself in family relationships. This will allow them to be balanced and stable, even in the midst of events.

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