Taurus Dog Man

Taurus-Dog man differs great friendliness and sociability, so it is easy to get acquainted with him or friendship. For the sake of his close people, friends and acquaintances, he is ready to part with the last sum of money and provide any support. Together with this, he is firmly on his feet and far from hovering in the clouds. He looks at life realistically, without creating any fantasies and without embellishing reality.

These men are good at formulating their thoughts and opinions. On each issue they have their own opinion, which they actively apply in life. They can achieve success in the creative field, as this is not just work for them, but also a spiritual rest. Choosing the right activity, they can get the maximum pleasure from life — it’s stability, moral and professional satisfaction, communication with interesting people.

By nature, they are strong and purposeful personalities. They can get everything from life, if they do not allow reality to crush themselves. Their obvious drawback is the inability to express their feelings. Having learned this quality, they will always be surrounded by bright and pleasant people. They like to criticize that it can repel men from them, but their good-natured smile allows them to reduce the severity of their words.

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Taurus Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He treats any relationship very seriously and especially honors reliability, stability and loyalty. He is ready to present all these qualities to his beloved, but he also awaits such an attitude to himself. He very quickly becomes attached to a woman and very severely experiences any break. In love, he manifests himself as a dedicated and reliable partner who will support his beloved in any difficult situation.

Love occupies a very important place in his life, and he is very serious about finding a suitable partner. All his feelings are sincere, and therefore, when he is in love, all those around him can notice the brilliance in his eyes and high spirits. This is a fairly gentle partner who can forgive his mistress all his mistakes and re-start the relationship. With him you can really form a strong and intimate connection.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

He is not very emotional, but very affectionate and affectionate. He needs a partner who could give him the attention and love he needs. With him you can not be rude, but also kicking on the tongue, because any blow he experiences is very painful. He is quite conservative, so the new experience will be treated with a little apprehension. This is one of the striking features of his character. Nevertheless, caressing it can be easily persuaded.

Intimate relations, he does not give paramount importance, however, they are also important to him. In this area, he does not prefer to lead, completely relying on the experience and initiative of his partner. With him, it is very easy to achieve complete harmony, since he is not concentrated only on himself and his desires and tries to deliver his mistress maximum pleasure, while not forgetting about himself.

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Taurus Dog Man in Family and Marriage

He has been trying all his life to create a full-fledged family, since it is very important for him. Even planning his free time, he will necessarily include in it a campaign somewhere with children or with his wife. He is very much attached to his close people, for which he is ready for much. So, he, without hesitation, can change jobs to devote more time to the house, and at the same time he will feel happy.

This is a very loyal and reliable partner, who is unlikely to ever be able to decide on treason. He has important family traditions, that she honors with special attention and love. From it a good master is obtained, which in time will be able to learn how to manage the budget well, making only the necessary purchases. He becomes really happy only with the birth of children, with whom he will establish a warm and very strong connection.

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Dog Taurus Man — Career and Finance

Career for them may not play a big role. On the one hand, they are aimed at achieving certain peaks, but on the other hand they pay more attention to their development. It is fortunate if their spiritual aspirations and career plans coincide. Then they will reach a good position. The financial side of life takes a little of them, but they are always stable, do not lack.

These men are recommended to become more open. They should not invent for themselves an image that will help them hide. Internal fears should be eradicated, so that they do not interfere with the attainment of goals. Their negative emotions need to be expressed in a way that does not offend the environment. Only in this case they can not simply express the accumulated, but also maintain a good relationship. You can not stay away from other people, often their intervention can be useful.

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