Virgo Dog Man

The Virgo-Dog man is distinguished by special calmness, diligence and kindness. Inside him there is some special harmony that draws other people to him and allows him to easily find a common language with them. He is always ready to come to the aid of his acquaintances and does it always only out of sincere motives. Next to it everyone will be interested, since he knows a lot and is ready to share his knowledge.

They always seek the truth in everything. They can seriously harm themselves with their truthfulness. If they do not cope with this trait, they most likely will not be able to achieve a good position in society. They always want to prove that their rights are above all, which also can not positively affect their lives. At the same time, they always need approval, they want to get as many confessions from other, often not close, men.

By nature, they are determined, strong and wayward men. They can misjudge reality. Often they want to emphasize their positive qualities, self-esteem, but their environment does not want to listen to them at all. The external self-confidence of these men immediately loses all the gloss. And they are vulnerable and emotionally naked.

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Virgo Dog Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Love for him is important and, perhaps, the most important place in his life. From the earliest youth, he is in search of his princess, who will meet all his requirements. I must say that there are very few of them. He needs only sincere attention, as well as caring for him. As a rule, he seldom follows the selfish interests in choosing his partner, being in search of true love.

He very quickly becomes attached to his new lover and is very hard to break. In view of this and such qualities as credulity, he often has disappointments in his life. He is aimed at creating strong and stable relationships, not paying attention to short-term affair and romance. One can not fail to note his special devotion, so expect from him betrayal and betrayal is simply impossible.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Dog year, in the Bed

In intimate relationships, he manifests itself as a gentle and caring partner. He really wants to give her the maximum pleasure and pleasure, for which he can even sacrifice his needs and desires. He is not very emotional and used to experiencing all his feelings more with the mind. In view of this, at first it will be difficult for him to express his affection with the help of the body language.

He needs a really caring and sensitive partner who can help him open up and learn how to express himself. As a rule, he does not pretend to the main roles in intimate relations, preferring to give the whole initiative to the hands of his mistress. At the same time, he blindly trusts her and tries to justify her expectations. It is democratic enough that it applies to new experiences and experiments that can also take place in his life.

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Virgo Dog Man in Family and Marriage

From it turns out a wonderful husband who can intuitively feel the mood of family members and adjust to them. Not bad, he is also the owner, who will keep the house in crystal clear and will be able to manage the family budget skilfully. True happiness for him comes with the appearance of children, whom he loves very much. This is a person who finds his true happiness only next to his loved ones.

He is such a person who can only deal with one thing in his life and completely dedicate himself to him. Therefore, by marrying, he must decide what is more important for him — work or family. The fact is that it will be difficult for him to combine these two areas of his life. As a rule, he stops his choice with a family who can give what he needs. This is love, affection, attention and so on.

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Dog Virgo Man — Career and Finance

In a career elevation, they see themselves as leaders only. They want to manage processes, feel needed. Usually they manage all this, and they are sincerely happy when they receive gratitude. For them, gratitude is another stimulus to elevation. The financial side of life usually does not cause them difficulties, as they understand and know how to get enough money for a comfortable life.

These men are recommended to look around more, and not just to become isolated in the inner world. It is important for them to constantly improve spiritually, so that life becomes easier and easier. It is not necessary to set global goals, it is enough to fulfill some everyday tasks. Close people need from them not just a physical presence, but real support, help and love. By giving these feelings, they will receive much more in return.

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