Aquarius Dragon Man

It is very difficult to understand their true nature. This combination makes the person somewhat mystical, able to look into the future, which from the outside seems a strange phenomenon. At the same time, it is fast, can evaluate the situation with special accuracy, and also achieve high results when working. This man is more of a contemplative than an active figure, so he is divorced from reality.

They can change their destiny and even influence the destinies of others. They are determined and courageous men who will be able to find a way out of any, even the most confusing situation. They constantly need adrenaline and new events, without which they do not think their existence. Therefore, they are constantly in motion, changing and rebuilding their lives in a new way.

They are born leaders who possess all the necessary qualities for the management of people. They make good acquaintances and know how to leave a pleasant impression after themselves. But communication with them is full of various complexities, as they do not like to yield and listen to someone’s point of view. They have one more unpleasant tendency — dreaminess, because of what they can not soberly assess the situation.

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Aquarius Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He rarely can find a woman who fully corresponds to his dreams. And his dreams are the most colorful and reach their ordinary woman can not do. That is why, without finding an ideal in a woman, he falls into depression, and then comes a new hobby. It’s impossible to tame him or force him to do something. Moreover, he can not get used to anything, because he is always on the lookout.

He is too restless to base his life on relationships. He may fall in love, but this feeling can be fleeting, as he always tries to draw new experience, to look for something unusual, exciting. And this makes him change partners too often. He seldom finds a foothold in himself or in a partner, so he again and again carries through life, not giving the opportunity to stop.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

His intimate life is quite diverse. It can be one partner, which will fully correspond to his ideals in this area. Also, it can be several partners who will complement each other. But the important thing is that he should receive satisfaction, variety and maximum adrenaline. Such a relationship is not popular with every woman, so he is often not taken seriously.

He can fall in love and become a true friend. He will be pleased with the signs of attention of his chosen one. At the same time he will try to change it and achieve all that he wants from close relations with her. It should be noted that he likes everything unusual in bed, so you can offer him the closeness in a room with mirrors, on silk underwear. The more fantasies, the more he will like it.

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Aquarius Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

He rarely seeks family ties, because he understands that in this case will be imposed a lot of duties. He needs to strive for something more than to become a husband and a father. But with this attitude often marries by circumstances. In a marriage, he is rarely happy, as he strives for his hobbies and ideas, which he has so many, that even choosing one is difficult for him to realize.

He can establish relations in the family, but they will be more formal than trusting and friendly. In addition, he caustically agrees to have children, since this, in his opinion, is an additional complication and concern for someone. But he may be interested in his baby for a while. With his wife can connect good, and even warm relations in the community of interests and hobbies.

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Dragon Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

These men have great vitality and energy, which can not always be channeled in the right direction. Also, they have a bad career hampered by their restless disposition, inability to sit in one place and follow the orders of others. They are better given leadership positions, where they will be able to show their talents. They can quickly assemble men, motivate them and skillfully distribute all the duties.

These are unusual men who can achieve a lot in life. But they need an incentive for further development and movement, who their choice can become. They can carefully guide them, push them to the right decisions, and they with their strength, perseverance and firm character, achieve their goals. But for these purposes it is necessary to find the right approach to them and accept all their shortcomings.

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