Aries Dragon Man

The Aries-Dragon man astonishes with all his calculating and rationalism, not peculiar to people. He likes to be in the spotlight, so he often flirts with people. To attract the attention of the other sex for him is not difficult, since he is able to keep himself in shape and, in addition, many are considered a witty and intellectual interlocutor. In the relationship, he demonstrates and women’s qualities, but from this fan they have no less.

These men give optimism and inexhaustible energy. They are pleasant, optimistic men who are incredibly simple and easy to choose from any life difficulties. They cheerfully go through life, and she gives them all the blessings. Therefore, already at a young age they achieve success in their careers, live in prosperity and find faithful companions of life.

They are men with big ambitions, which constantly sets new goals. Due to their perseverance, talents, self-confidence and luck, they easily achieve their goals. But even on top of success, they do not lose their human qualities: they are attentive to others and are ready to provide any help. However, these qualities often lead to the fact that they are loaded with other people’s problems and forget about their lives.

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Aries Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He impresses with his calmness even in the most difficult situations, and even in love. For him, these feelings are more practical than theoretical. Not seeing the reciprocity, he quickly parted with his partner. Loving relationships with him will be full of harmony, but all this seems only at first glance. In fact, he constantly analyzes the attitude of his partner and sees all its hidden features.

He chooses his partner only for certain qualities. In particular, he will seek a relationship with someone who has connections, or some other good. At the same time, his love must be a resolute, intelligent and strong-willed woman, that is, he is fit. He will not be jealous of him, since he is directed by all thoughts to himself. He is characterized by vivid acts, which he performs for the sake of narcissism, often he is rather hypocritical.

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Aries-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

In the intimate sphere, he is quite vulnerable, since he does not accept rejections, rudeness. He likes languid negativity, caresses, long foreplay. He never rushes into the arms. It is important for him to prove that he is the one who chooses it, and not she. Complexes are not peculiar to him, and besides, he can always decorate these relations with charm and mystery that will attract women to him more than his external data.

Bedding for him is only one way to find the ideal. He uses a variety of weapons in the fight for him. First and foremost, he is always in great shape, his body is so well-groomed that it causes envy even in young guys. And women like this freshness and spontaneity, which he demonstrates in intimate relations. But it should be remembered that all this is just a desire to find your beloved, nothing more.

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Aries Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

He usually marries after he realizes himself. At the time of marriage, he most often focuses not on his feelings, but on material values. But if he finds a suitable woman, then the criterion of evaluation will be a spiritual union with her, and not some blessings, like she is in bed and other attractive features. To the spouse usually does not show the raised requirements, as it is rather unpretentious.

He always wants to be free, and marriage involves some duties. Therefore, most often he chooses a woman suitable for the mentality, who will not interfere with him in something, or part with it without regrets. He does not seek to make the house cozy, does not dream about children, for him the main thing is the realization of his ambitions and plans. That is, marriage with him is a kind of partnership, not more.

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Dragon Aries Man — Career and Finance

These men can achieve a lot, but they are not used to analyzing the situation and rely only on their own luck. Such an approach can lead to failures and serious financial losses. Fortunately, they know how to laugh at themselves, and optimism allows them to quickly recover from the loss. Having a good experience, they move on and will soon be able to return the lost in tripled size.

With them, you can easily establish a harmonious relationship, only with some effort. Do not fight with him for leadership, rather give them the right to solve all important issues. In this case, you can direct them to the right side. As a result, you will achieve the necessary solution, which they will give out for their own. This simple tactic will allow both to remain satisfied with the result.

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