Cancer Dragon Man

Cancer-Dragon man is peaceful and friendly. From Cancer — he got the opportunity to dream and present his projects realized. From the Dragon, he had the opportunity to think soberly, evaluate reality and take responsibility for their actions. Such an alloy of qualities forms an unusual version of the character, which is manifested in the best way in difficult life situations, to be responsible and sober.

Nature generously endowed these men. They are talented, extraordinary, and their energy literally hits the edge. If you correctly direct all the talents in the right direction, then at a young age they can become successful people with great potential. This helps them another quality — they do not talk about their plans, do not dream about their implementation, but immediately proceeds to concrete actions.

They have a bright, open and strong character. They will never spin intrigues, wait for a positive moment — they prefer to immediately rush into the battle, and then come what may. But thanks to their luck and fascinating courage, they often come out victorious. Along with this, they have negative qualities that prevent them — this is an uncompromising and sometimes inexplicable recklessness.

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Cancer Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, it manifests itself in a special way. On the one hand, he is too sensitive and gentle, and on the other hand is practical and cynical. As a result, he always chooses a partner who can understand him and accept his life goals without wanting to change them. He chooses a woman on fairly strict criteria, so for a long time there is only one, but in any case finds his second half and is happy.

However, he is often too practical to experience love. On the one hand, he wants to be loved and loved, but it’s hard not to evaluate the partner from all sides. Such an assessment often allows him to choose the right partner, but he can not already experience real feelings. In love, he can become softer and more balanced emotionally, which will only benefit him in terms of health.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

He is ready for many experiments, if his partner inspires confidence in him. He will be happy at her desire to dream up, but within reasonable limits. He is waiting for emotional and physical satisfaction to feel happy. Usually he, too, seeks to please the partner. It was at these moments that he was ready for experiments and everything unusual that could frighten him.

He soberly assesses his partner, so he can go on to the intimacy consciously. He will be happy if his partner understands not only the language of his body, but also of the soul. Usually, this happens when he is looking for his lover. He does not like everything unusual and can observe such manifestations in life, but he himself would not like to become an active participant in such actions.

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Cancer Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

He willingly marries, because he sees his future in the family. He is aimed at the birth of children, because he loves them. In addition, he always makes the choice of the future wife, trying on him the role of the mother. Of course, this is not the only criterion, but it can become one of the main ones. In addition, he is too responsible for the family, so he tries to make the right choice.

Relations in the family are not always built with him, as he too reacts emotionally to some problems in the relationship. As a result, it is not always possible to solve them constructively. If he tries and does not react too brightly, he can feel that harmony in relations is getting better. With children, he usually has a good relationship based on trust and friendship.

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Dragon Cancer Man — Career and Finance

They have one undeniable talent — they can implement any business, idea or idea. Unconventional thinking allows us to approach the solution of the problem somewhat differently and achieve excellent results. These qualities are highly appreciated by the authorities, which helps to move in the service. Therefore, they often look successful people who rarely stop there.

Next to these people you can be calm and confident for your future. But to build a harmonious relationship with them is not always easy. They are wayward, stable and unshakable. But they have a weak point — this is the love of their loved ones, which makes them softer and more accommodating. For them, the family they created is important, and they will try to keep it, making reasonable concessions and adjusting to a loved one.

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