Capricorn Dragon Man

They are a fairly strong combination that allows them to achieve much in life. They can quickly navigate in any situation, and this allows them to gain great privileges in everything. However, they can overestimate their capabilities, and then they may have an illusion instead of reality, which is very fraught with negative consequences for their psyche and any case.

They are energetic and strong men who confidently go through life and quickly recover from failures. They are sociable, have many friends and often become the soul of the company. However, under the sweet and cheerful appearance, complex natures are hidden, which is difficult to cope with their emotions and explosive feelings. These are real rebels who can not sit still for a moment in one place.

From birth, they got a violent temper and a hard-nosed disposition, which gives them a lot of trouble. When the goal is achieved, they demonstrate such qualities as incredible perseverance, courage and confidence in their abilities. This belief helps them to tune in to victory, and at the same time to convince everyone around them. They are not deprived of ordinary human qualities: this is kindness, pity and participation.

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Capricorn Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is incredulous, so it’s difficult for him to get along with people. In rare cases, he falls in love at first sight. Usually his feeling is born as a result of long communication, mutual interests. In love, he appears quite caring and attentive to the chosen one. At the same time he does not always manage to keep a woman, as his excessive guardianship can frighten. That is why his personal life does not develop at an early age.

And although he hardly finds a chosen one, one can not say that he does not want to. On the contrary, he seeks to create lasting relationships that will continue as a marriage. However, this scenario is rare. It takes a lot of effort to bring the relationship to its logical conclusion. To do this, he will make even greater efforts, and this leads to the fact that his chosen one is frightened and tries to escape.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

He regards the intimate life as an ordinary component of the relationship, so it is not asked by complicated questions about the need for a bed at the initial stage of the relationship. At the same time, he can quite easily do without intimate relationships for quite some time. In rare cases, it is he who initiates it. And if this is so, then it usually has certain goals that require the realization of this sphere of relations.

In intimate relationships, it can be quite conservative, but in some cases it may well be ready for experiments. Much will depend on his mood, desire, his evaluation partner. It should be noted that he sees through his beloved, and this allows him to analyze the situation and understand what he needs from intimate relationships. This differentiation makes it very unpredictable for others.

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Capricorn Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage for him, like a career, is very important. He always seeks to build long-term relationships. The initiative can come from him, since he always understands that happiness must be caught with both hands. In addition, in relationships, he can play the first violin, but does it skillfully, so that the partner does not notice his initiative. As a result, he builds an excellent relationship, in which there is no room for quarrels.

With relatives, he establishes diplomatic ties, which always helps him in difficult moments. It should be noted that he uses them, as links, and knows about this opportunity in advance. With children, his relationships are built fairly easily. He understands that they are interested in what is necessary for their upbringing. He educates them without punishment and coercion. With the wife of the relationship is even, there is never quarrel.

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Dragon Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

Thanks to their talents and skills, they can succeed well in their careers. Of these, good specialists are obtained, who can quickly and efficiently manage their duties. However, their merits must be evaluated and supported by their superiors. Otherwise, they may be disappointed in their work and stop working at full power. This is not about material encouragement, but more about honor and fame.

They have great strength and inexhaustible enthusiasm, so they can often overwhelm others with their energy. That these did not happen to you, it is desirable to save a personal space, where they should not be allowed. Their companions will also have to give them the opportunity to lead in relationships and periodically to amuse their pride. This will give them additional forces to move forward.

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