Gemini Dragon Man

The Gemini Dragon man is extremely intelligent and can quickly succeed in any business. However, if he starts to work in a group, he seldom manages to reach the end, because he has unconcerned judgments, likes to command and is not able to listen to someone else’s point of view. In love, she always tries to achieve her own, despite the strong unwillingness of the partner to accept his point of view.

Outwardly, it may seem that these men are prone to unnecessary risk, thoughtless actions and even recklessness. But this is only a superficial impression, created more by such quality as insolence. In fact, they calculate their moves, make plans and only, then proceeds to implement them. A risk is only a skillful tactic, which was previously carefully thought out.

These men have a number of positive qualities — generosity, generosity and care. They are well-developed intuition, helping to bypass many unpleasant situations, solve complex issues and get out of any complexity by the winners. These are real adventurers who need constant adventure and activity. And this is expressed even in small domestic issues.

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Gemini Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He has all the necessary qualities for love, as it is emotional, but in moderation. He is always busy with interesting things that can attract a woman. But he will need to curb his temper and try to be softer and easier to become loved and to love himself, to become indispensable for his chosen one. As a result, he can not only be happy, but also build a solid family.

In love, he rarely becomes attractive to his partner. The point here is not in the external characteristics, but in its character traits. He is too frank and can bring a partner to fury with frankness. In addition, he always considers himself right and seeks to prove his case. This attitude is not always popular with women, because they should play the main role, and not for harmonious relations.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

He expresses his feelings simply, without frills, since in this sphere he is not strong. Can play a secondary role if his partner is stronger in character and sexier. He may like experiments if he is in the mood. Long caresses and preludes are not in his taste, since he does not tolerate something long. His attention can switch to something else, if the partner does not interest him.

He never puts an intimate relationship in the first place. The point is in its some dryness in the emotional plane. He is too clever and interesting to make these relations dominant. At a young age can be interested in these relationships, but later quite selectively applies to partners. The fact is that he is looking for a friend more than a beloved, partner or spouse.

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Gemini Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

In family relationships, he can become responsible if his partner is consistent with his ideals about the intellect. With the birth of children, he can change a little. He often devotes his time to them, but gradually with age, he moves away from them, since he considers them to be quite old. With a spouse and relatives over time, relationships become more trustworthy and more gentle.

Marriage for him is something complicated and incomprehensible. He prefers to stay out of this as long as possible. However, he marries if his partner is sufficiently persistent, or certain circumstances will develop. In addition, he can delay this decision for a long time, but at a more mature age he can reconsider his views on this issue. As a result, he can quickly give consent to marriage.

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Dragon Gemini Man — Career and Finance

These men really fall in love with their profession. Her choice is made in early youth and subsequently they work in one direction, gaining the right experience. They are able to carry out what they have begun to the end, work with several projects and carry them out at the proper level. At the same time they are not afraid of any difficulties on the way - they are bold, resolute and able to establish the right connections with people.

These financially wealthy men are a good party for any woman. They are active, cheerful and have optimistic views on life. With them you can establish good relationships, full mutual understanding. But at the same time we will have to put up with some shortcomings — this is excessive impulsiveness, stubbornness and so on. Then you need to develop a wise behavior and in any case not meet the same qualities.

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