Leo Dragon Man

The Leo-Dragon man combines the best characteristics of both signs. He is noble and responsible, can always help others. It is a creative person who creates his works under inspiration. He is a leader by nature, therefore he likes to occupy responsible posts. All his goals reach quickly, without considering compromise solutions. And this is badly reflected in the first place only on it.

They are kind, generous and successful men. From nature, they are given numerous talents, thanks to which they can create a comfortable life for themselves. They are very energetic, can not sit idly by, and is constantly in search of something new. They have many friends, they like to communicate, help others and get admired views. But among them there are often men who prefer to live at someone else’s expense.

These men have a complex and stubborn character, which often causes trouble for themselves. At the same time, they have non-standard creative thinking, which helps them to solve life’s problems in a different way. They fearlessly rush into any fight and almost always out of it winners. In this they are helped and luck, which pursues them since birth.

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Leo Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He always has a lot of fans. He can make a choice quickly, but not always in accordance with his rationality. This leads to problems in understanding with a woman, and then to a rupture. It should be noted that he is too straightforward to long tolerate a woman who does not fit his ideals. That’s why he often turns out to be alone.

He is not long alone, because there are always many fans around him, and he can only make a choice. He is tireless, so he can meet with several women and only then make a choice. And in this case, he can make a good choice, as correctly placed all the accents in the relationship before a serious period. In love, he does not change at all, on the contrary becomes even more active, has time to do more things.

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Leo-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

He is energetic, and therefore his intimate life is quite active. He goes to the closeness without unnecessary hesitation, since it is just important for him to get the result. And the result in this case will be satisfaction. He always gets satisfaction, which can not be said about his partner. He is selfish, so he can become the only one in the couple who will enjoy the action. That is why women often remain at a loss.

To seduce him, you need something more than just an attraction. His partner must have charm, so that he really honors her with attention. In addition, he will like the refined atmosphere, gallant partner. In bed, he most of all likes sincerity, indulgence to his desires, and the rest — poses, caresses have no preferences for him. The main thing is to match his energy and rhythm.

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Leo Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

He marries either at an early age, or completely in the late. Early marriages are usually happy, as his character is just being formed, and he may well adapt to his wife. Late marriages will be happy in the event that he is a self-sufficient person and is engaged in a certain business and the spouse does not interfere with him. Then he will be happy and will not create problems for his loved ones.

He is too straightforward and cruel, so he often seeks to achieve his goals without taking into account the circumstances. His close people usually suffer from this. In addition, he can not always build good relationships with children, as it is difficult for him to adapt to them, and he expects them to return, rather than trying to teach something. With his wife, relations will be even if they have separate interests, and she will not limit his freedom.

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Dragon Leo Man — Career and Finance

Curiosity is another quality of these men, which they also show in their work. They like learning something new, getting knowledge and gaining experience. If they really like the work, they can achieve excellent results in it. But this will continue only as long as it does not bore them, and while there remain some gaps in their knowledge.

To ensure that the house has always been prosperous, their elected representatives should constantly direct them and give incentives for further development. These are men with great potential, however, they often can not use them themselves. To do this, they need a partner who can soberly assess the situation and give the right advice. And with the help of their intuition and luck, they can quickly achieve the goal.

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