Libra Dragon Man

Libra Dragon man is extremely attractive to all and amazes them with his good nature and frankness. These two qualities make it a highlight. From Libra, he received a calm temper, and from the Dragon fighting qualities, which he applies in rare cases. That’s why he looks more soft and gentle Libra than a cruel dragon. Relations with him can be very interesting, because it combines different qualities.

They are real intellectuals who grasp information on the fly and are able to calculate all the moves well. Therefore, already in their youth, they can achieve a lot and have a good income. But this is provided, if they will strive for perfection, a higher position, and not indulge in entertainment and indulge their whims and laziness.

These men are easy to climb, love an active lifestyle and do not want to sit in one place. If they ignite any idea, they can quickly implement it without spending a lot of time to implement it. They are also good speakers and excellent leaders. With their speech, persuasiveness and undeniable facts, they can set men on a positive path and force them to follow.

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Libra Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Love for him is not too attractive. He ties up, but only out of interest. He never seeks partners, usually they try to attract him. At the same time, he does not give his feelings to 100%, because he likes to stay in himself, to contemplate the surrounding reality alone. That’s why, it seems that he is suspended from his lover and does not try to find a common language with her.

He rarely experiences bright feelings and emotions, as he often does analysis and self-knowledge. He may be interested in a woman if she demonstrates interesting qualities that are not characteristic of him. It should be noted that he is waiting for bright feelings from the partner, and he can only give her smoldering coals. At the same time, his love is reliable and durable, unlike too passionate men who quickly burn out.

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Libra-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him can go to the background and usually it happens. And the whole point is that he is trying to understand the spiritual world of his chosen one more. He does not consider the physical side of love an opportunity to learn his woman. As a rule, he understands this fact later. In adulthood, he perceives the intimate sphere of relations, as something ordinary and simple that takes place to be.

An intimate life for him can be interesting if his beloved can interest him. As a rule, this happens in cases when it has had time to study its spiritual world. In this situation, he is ready for much. Experiments, the joy of communication and other delights will please him. He can be especially gentle and receptive if a woman tries to give him the pleasure of physical communication.

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Libra Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage for him is something taken for granted. That’s why he gets married early. However, he can not always understand the essence of family relations. But this attitude happens only at an early age. In adulthood, he marries for love and calculation. That is why mature marriages bring him happiness. In the family, he can create a cozy atmosphere, peace and a constant sense of joy.

He carries feelings to his wife throughout his life. He never changes if his wife corresponds to his ideas about the ideal. He treats children somewhat cool, but not against having several children. He educates them simply and without special methods, giving them a limited amount of affection. In the rest, in the family and the relationship of this man all in perfect order.

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Dragon Libra Man — Career and Finance

They are confident in their abilities men who are always collected and can easily prove their case. Since youth, they choose one activity in which they will constantly improve, and gain professional experience. But, even having reached a high position and position, they rarely suffer from a "star" disease and are ready to help and share their experience and knowledge with newcomers.

These are not simple men, but along with negative qualities they have positive ones. In their souls they often remain naive and simple-minded children, with whom it is possible to walk together in life. But to see these qualities is possible only with the full acceptance of others. You need to be patient and try to become a friend to them, with whom they will share all their experiences.

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