Pisces Dragon Man

The combinations of these signs give birth to a really interesting guy. He is emotional and deep, can feel the desires of people. At the same time, he soberly assesses the reality, always understands how to behave better than himself. However, if something does not suit him, he can directly state this to his opponent. This combination gives the courage from the Fish, and from the Dragon the emotionality and brightness of the inner world.

Since birth these people have been given great talents and luck. They can take up any case, and everywhere they will be pursued by success and prosperity. Therefore, they are often called lucky or daughters of fortune. But they also have negative qualities that prevent them in the process of achieving the goal. This is excessive temper, emotionality and reckless decision-making.

These are serious men, who can rely on everything. They are not afraid of any difficulties and are ready to take them completely upon themselves. It should be noted that they are doing quite well with them. They are hardworking, disciplined and always make a good impression of themselves. Together with this, these men are soft, they will never refuse the request and will help to cope with any problems.

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Pisces Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is a very attractive type, which will always be able to attract the woman he likes. In relationships, he always plays a major role, because he understands that only he can make them harmonious. Union with him can be very happy, as he soberly assesses the partner and her abilities, so she will not demand anything unattainable from her.

In relations, he can scare away, because he is too powerful and wants to subjugate everyone around him. He is ambitious and emotional, and this combination can turn mountains. If his beloved does not quite correspond to his ideas, he can promote it in this by any means. It should be noted that he always achieves what he needs for life, love and relationships.

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Pisces-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him does not mean much. He will seek spiritual unity, and then only pay attention to the other side of the relationship. If his partner corresponds to his ideal ideas, spiritual development, he will try to make the affinity with her unusually enjoyable and memorable. He can usually charm any woman, so he always leaves a deep mark on the heart forever.

He will never look for intimacy only to gain experience. He is too integral nature, which seeks external and internal harmony. As a result, he is happy, because his careful choice helps him to get all the benefits of a relationship of this type. He loves all the most unusual, so he expects the partner to express feelings in many ways, with delights and experiments.

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Pisces Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

His family life is not always successful. His desire to occupy a leading position creates certain difficulties. A woman, as a rule, does not understand his aspirations and does not yield. However, over time, he will be able to pick up certain methods and make her do everything as it will be convenient for him. It should be noted that the adviser is a good one, he is wise and sees the event a few steps forward.

He, with his desire to become a leader, can scare off a loved one, and she can simply refuse to continue the relationship, as this does not fit into the usual framework. If he starts to manage, not advertising, then the relationship will persist and may even become harmonious. He always perfectly establishes relations with children, can raise from them self-sufficient, harmonious persons.

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Dragon Pisces Man — Career and Finance

These are very industrious men who are willing to devote a lot of their time to their work. It fulfills it for 100 percent and always brings it to completion. If they do not know the process of its implementation, they will engage in self-improvement, reading special literature or learning from others. They are always appreciated at work, so they quickly advance in the service and occupy high posts.

They have a need for privacy, so for a while they may look detached from the outside world. With this strangeness their elected representatives should be reconciled and accepted. They often become for them an incentive for further development and movement, so they can stealthily direct them to positive tune. Using these subtleties, you can create a lasting alliance.

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