Sagittarius Dragon Man

Sagittarius-Dragon man has an extremely optimistic character. He rarely sees negative manifestations of life, as he tries not to notice it. He likes to do different interesting things, as well as to get involved in the unusual in life. He is always cheerful and active, can lead to many in his many and varied hobbies. Relationships for him are not so important when he is busy with something unusual.

Before them all roads and opportunities are open. They can already at a young age become successful people, easily coping with any life’s troubles. In this they are helped by their extraordinary abilities, strong will and inclination to leadership. They are also not deprived of human qualities, through which they acquire good and faithful friends.

In these people, contradictory qualities get along well. Along with hardness, stubbornness and stiffness, they often appear soft and good-natured people. They are naive enough, do not always soberly assess life situations and remain big children for the rest of their lives. But at the right moments they are able to gather, to imagine themselves well and achieve their goals.

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Sagittarius Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is always in the spotlight of women. He’s the type of guy that makes girls go crazy, and there are even fights. That is why it can be called in demand in love. He himself can not make a choice for a long time, as the attention of many women is very pleasant for him. He is pretty relaxed and always friendly, and this is the key to success among women. When he makes a choice, he focuses on the qualities of the partner.

He is always demanding in relations and has certain requirements that his partner will be obliged to fulfill. She will have to follow him in his hobbies, since this is a necessary condition of his life. Otherwise, restriction of freedom can negatively affect relations. That’s why he rarely gets along with one girl for a long time, chasing new adventures and impressions.

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Sagittarius-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

He always aims at vivid impressions. His life should be like a rainbow, and intimate life can become a part of this rainbow. However, even here he does not shine with constancy, since it is simply important for him to show off, be compelling and important. In addition, he did not want to repeat the same actions, so to keep him, you need the imagination and savvy of a woman. He himself may not take the initiative.

He is always ready for experiments, as everything simple leads him into confusion, and then he just starts frantically searching for a new one. However, he will not offer experiments favorite, but, most likely, will expect her activity. If she can not guess his desires, he will look for another girl who will be more interesting and will give him pleasure in an unusual way.

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Sagittarius Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

In marriage, it manifests itself not always from the best side. Family life may seem to him a routine, since it will not have as much entertainment as before. He can get bored, and can get carried away with his new responsibilities. He can behave differently depending on the specific situation. However, if the partner shares his interests, he will be happy and will embody them with her.

With his wife, he can be tied fairly tightly if they have joint entertainment and hobbies. They can be even more friends than spouses. With children, he has a calm relationship. He is a friend to them, not a mentor, therefore, his children learn to be exceptionally free. Relatives in life do not play a big role, so he rarely maintains a relationship with them.

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Dragon Sagittarius Man — Career and Finance

They can succeed well in their careers, gain professional knowledge and become invaluable specialists. Not bad they get accustomed to the team, setting up equal relations with all. This is valued by management, so they can quickly advance in the service and soon become a boss. With this activity they also do a good job: skillfully distributes duties and directs the process.

Establish good relations with them will not be difficult. They are cheerful, optimistic about life, but at the same time responsibly treats all their duties. They can surround their beloved with care and the attention they need. However, only they will be engaged in making important decisions, only occasionally listening to advice. To achieve their goals, they should use soft and hidden methods.

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