Scorpio Dragon Man

Scorpion Dragon man is a rather complex combination, which is difficult for him first. On the one hand, he is passionate and secretive, and on the other hand he is open and soberly evaluates reality. As a result, he often can not establish internal harmony, suffers from difficulty in understanding himself. Communication with such a guy is difficult, because he does not understand what he needs from other people.

These men are incredibly lucky, even without making special efforts, they always achieve their goal. They are ignorant of fear, and they rush to the most dubious events. It is interesting that from them they often come out victorious and easily cope with difficulties, in which intuition helps them. At the same time, they share their achievements and successes generously with others, giving them free assistance.

In youth, they are restless and often reckless men who simply burn their talents and talents. But with age their character becomes tougher, they become sensible and determine for themselves the goals of life. They do not take much time to achieve them, because for these they use a creative approach. Human qualities such as kindness, care and attention are not alien to them.

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Scorpio Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He carefully chooses a partner, but he does not always manage to choose the right beloved. The fact that he soberly assesses a woman, but his emotionality and sensuality often take up. As a result, he does not feel support in the relationship and tries to just find support from the woman who is next to him. And this is not always possible, because the choice in his case should be based on interests.

In relations, it becomes softer and less critical. The fact that he cherishes his beloved and tries to make the relationship harmonious. He is ready for much for the sake of a relationship, so you can often see that he sacrifices his "I", but this goes on for a very short time. He soon realizes that such a relationship is not love and goes in search of a new lover: he already has a female applicant around him.

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Scorpio-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

An intimate life for him can be a trap, since he is sensual and often goes on these relationships out of curiosity, a desire to gain experience. As a result, it depends on a woman who does not suit him, especially by interests. That’s why he is recommended to select a woman by interests and personal qualities, and not succumb to sensual appeals. In this case, he can be happy.

He loves the intimate sphere of relations, since it allows him to feel relaxed, desired and loved, and also to find a foothold. That’s why different desires of a woman can please him. Especially it concerns her desires to experiment, try a new pose. He will like it, if the beloved will furnish the action with unusual attributes — candles, silk underwear and others will suit him.

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Scorpio Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

Living with Scorpio-Dragom man is quite difficult, because he always experiences internal discomfort, and this makes him break on close people, create difficulties on an equal footing. That’s why it’s hard for him to get on with his wife. It is important for him to be a leader, but he can not assume all his functions. And this leads again to discomfort to the internal and external, with which he can not cope.

In general, he gravitates toward marriage, since he needs support, the basis for the future. And for this it is important for him to just be married. He usually decides to marry at an early age and then in this union he is usually happy. More late marriages are not always successful, as he can not restrain his emotions, enjoy the communication with his wife and children. Relations with relatives are being established with difficulty.

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Dragon Scorpio Man — Career and Finance

They can achieve excellent results in their careers and work, but if they set a goal. Otherwise, they will continue to change their positions and specialties without receiving proper satisfaction. They can succeed in almost any activity, but they better concentrate on leadership positions. They are able to work with people, establish contacts with them and direct them.

They need to give initiative in all matters. Do not pretend to lead the way, because they still will not tolerate these. Give them the opportunity to feel themselves people, all responsibility and make important decisions on their own. But they need a constant adviser, who will be inconspicuous for them to direct them in the right direction.

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