Taurus Dragon Man

Just a few people know that under this image of a sweet and soft guy hiding decisive nature. The Taurus-Dragon man is used to achieving his goals, only doing it in a slightly different way. For this, he applies the charm given to him by nature, as well as flexibility and a clear calculation of the next step. This is a very pleasant interlocutor, which can easily charm any person, so he has a lot of friends and acquaintances.

They have a well-developed creative imagination and if they use it, they can achieve excellent results. In this they are helped by numerous talents, as well as incredible stubbornness in everything. However, they have a strong susceptibility to depressive conditions, which can spoil everything. During these periods they become lazy, passive and boring people.

These men have a strong and willful character. To solve problems they are used only direct ways, without the use of flattery and connections. The same requirements they put forward to others, so you can use their help if you directly ask them about it. They have one bad trait — they take on many things and do not value their strength. And this often leads to stresses and unfulfilled promises.

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Taurus Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

There are always a lot of women around him. This can easily be explained by his extraordinary charm, optimism and impulsiveness. However, in relations he is careful and almost always keeps his head. In fact, love means a lot to him, so he often finds her. He is sensual, sentimental and any romantic gestures will be perfectly accepted by him.

In relationships, he appears as an affectionate and affectionate partner who will listen to his beloved. A great benefit to him and his flexible nature, helping to adjust to the desired wave. But he has one drawback — he can often remain in his own world, indulging in his fantasies. Nevertheless, it will be very easy to return it to the earth — the Earth sign will not allow it to remain in its thoughts for a long time.

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Taurus-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

He is romantic, sensual and sentimental, which is fully manifested in intimate relationships. He does not concentrate only on himself and his desires, paying great attention to his partner. With her, he is affectionate and affectionate, allowing herself and her to completely relax and enjoy this relationship. It is very important for him to tune in to the right wave — a great help in this will be a romantic atmosphere.

One can not help noticing his extraordinary imagination, through which he is accustomed to expressing his feelings and emotions. Therefore, he is open to new experience and various experiments, but he is not used to taking initiative. In bed completely relies on his partner, allowing her to lead the whole process. He cares for special care, as well as constant attention, without which he can not fully reveal himself.

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Taurus Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

In marriage, he does not hurry to join, so get married in middle age. And most often he does it intelligently and reasonably. In this case, the family for him becomes the main thing in life, and he can sacrifice everything for her. He is looking for a reliable companion of life, which could support him in any situation. Then he becomes a very affectionate and attentive husband who skillfully treats all household chores.

Its main goal is to create a comfortable environment in the house that could reflect its inner calmness and balance. He is distinguished by reliability and honesty. In view of these qualities, he only in the rarest cases will be able to decide on treason. From it also turns out to be a beautiful, kind father, ready to devote all his free time to his children. They can teach them order and responsibility.

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Dragon Taurus Man — Career and Finance

They have good abilities and if they use them in the right way, they can excel at excellence in their careers. But having reached the heights in the profession, they can become arrogant, overconfident and not improve further. This can create difficulties and even lead to dismissal from a violent place. Avoid this they will help good communication skills, which can be used for their own purposes.

These men need a constant push forward and an incentive. Therefore, in the hands of their companions there is general well-being and happiness. They have indomitable energy, strength and talents, which must find the right application. Gently and imperceptibly pushing them to certain accomplishments, they can achieve the best results. But we must be ready, that they will attribute all these merits only to themselves.

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