Virgo Dragon Man

The Virgo-Dragon man is an unusual type: it combines several incompatible traits of character. He soberly looks at life, but at the same time romantic. He can do a lot with his work, but rarely applies his abilities. He is sensitive, but rarely falls into melancholy, as he completely controls himself and his desires, dreams. In a relationship, he is a reliable companion and a loyal friend.

These men have a special feeling of compassion. They can understand other people, their experiences and even provide moral or material assistance. All this will be done from the heart and not necessarily be loudly appreciated. But these qualities do not mean that they completely forget about themselves. They have a healthy egoism, and they are not always ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.

They have a strong and independent character, allowing them to achieve success and constantly move forward. Together with this they are intolerant, active and can not stay in one place for long. They are open to communication, quickly get new acquaintances and get great pleasure from these. In their nature there is a small melancholy and pride that often manifest themselves in actions.

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Virgo Dragon Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He can change in love radically. In particular, he is very affectionate, so he quickly gets used to his chosen one, starts taking care of her. At the same time, his care can be excessive, intrusive. As a result, his partner tries to escape from him. He is romantic, but his romanticism can also bring a partner to a nervous breakdown. He should be moderate in the manifestations of his feelings.

Virgo-Dragon is extremely reliable and faithful. He will never abandon his chosen one in trouble. If she is on the rocks, he will certainly help her and do it delicately and imperceptibly. As a friend, he is irreplaceable and can really help his beloved. It should be noted that he manifests these qualities without constraint and is always natural, does not require something in return. That’s why it’s always comfortable and cozy with him.

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Virgo-Man, born in the Dragon year, in the Bed

To attract him, it is necessary to be a really outstanding woman, because he appreciates, first of all, her spiritual qualities, and then draws attention to the bed. To offer him this relationship on a first date is useless, since he primarily studies a woman, and then decides how much you can trust her. It is this approach that he uses before making this important decision.

He perceives the intimate side of the relationship calmly. This is not a fetish for him, but not something unpleasant. He can be quite relaxed, but for this he must completely trust his beloved. In addition, he can completely abandon leadership skills, if his partner causes him only positive feelings. He is conservative, but not so much as to abandon experiments.

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Virgo Dragon Man in Family and Marriage

He is devoted to his wife, so he often tries to do everything for her comfort. He can be attentive to her affairs, allows her to achieve much with his support. His friendship with his wife is more. With children, he is especially attentive and tries to bring them up in the best traditions. However, often his obsession and excessive care causes children to avoid communicating with him in adulthood.

He creates a family and tries to achieve the ideal in this. And for this he can use a variety of methods — he will change the life of his family, influence their opinion. And all this is done with special scrupulousness and methodicalness. This approach to family affairs often leads to the fact that his family simply obey him. To save the family, in many cases it is necessary to weaken the grip.

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Dragon Virgo Man — Career and Finance

These men feel great in crisis situations. They are able to quickly make the right decisions, causing admiration from the leadership. Therefore, they rarely remain in one position, gradually moving up. Not bad they build relationships with colleagues, especially not getting close to them. These qualities help them in leadership positions, when they need to coordinate and work with people.

With these people you can establish good relationships, but for these you should be patient. Because of their pride and stubbornness, they may not take the first step towards reconciliation, even if they understand that they were wrong. To this one must be prepared and seek any compromises. They quickly become attached to their chosen ones and in your power to maintain a relationship and maintain a fire.

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