Aquarius Horse Man

Aquarius-Horse man is always in the center of attention, because he is enterprising, cheerful and active. He is always full of ideas and is ready to immediately embody them. However, he quickly forgets these ideas and passes on to others. As a result, the image of a man is created, which grabs at once for several cases. In relations, he is also unstable, as he always strives for freedom, although he is far from being frivolous.

These men are shrewd and far-sighted personalities. This allows them to always make the right decisions. As a result, they do not have any mistakes. They are wrestlers by nature and often find for themselves such cases and situations in which their wrestling qualities will manifest themselves in the best possible way. They are used to giving more than taking, so relationships with friends are usually one-sided. This makes it much more difficult for them to live.

By nature, they are contradictory personalities. Their lives will be filled with a variety of events that can not always lead them to a positive. They are sensitive and ardent, so they are often surrounded by mercenary men who manipulate these qualities. They can be subject to depression if they do not have a worthy goal, plans. Loneliness also has a detrimental effect on them, since they like to communicate, to be in the thick of things.

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Aquarius Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

He is very affectionate and passionate in love. At the same time he is freedom-loving and therefore it is simply impossible to tame him. He can be with a woman, when they are bound by common interests, hobbies and hobbies. His little interest in domestic issues, so he will rarely be asked such questions, and for some women this is unacceptable. In any case, he is attractive, but one must remember his desire for freedom.

To win it, it takes a long time. It can be a year, two or more, depending on what the girl can offer him. With all his love of freedom, he rarely rushes for an idea that has no practical basis under itself. This is an important aspect that is important to him, so it can be carried away with something real. If this happens, he will be able to get carried away by such an interesting girl.

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Aquarius-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

Intimate life for him is something like a necessity. He can quickly go to the contact, but do not express dependence on the woman, as it usually happens. For him, this is a necessary experience, which he takes from a woman. For him, all aspects of intimate relationships are important, ranging from caresses and ending with the act itself. As a result of this approach, he accepts and experiments, is ready to embody the partner’s fantasies.

He can be fascinated by a girl, but not interested in the intimate side of the relationship. In fact, they are not important for him, but they are quite possible. Therefore, he can get carried away by the most non-standard variants of expressing love. His looseness and freedom in expressing his desires can be shocking, but this is not a sign of debauchery, but merely a desire to learn something more that lies beyond enjoyment.

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Aquarius Horse Man in Family and Marriage

If his spouse forces him to fulfill his duties, try to impose something unsuitable for him, he, without a long time thinking, will break off relations. If you give him freedom, over time, he can become an exemplary husband who will grow up brave and kind children. His wife can do it, but again, it takes time until he realizes that the most important thing for him here, next to his woman.

Marriage with him can be happy, but only if the husband and wife will follow certain interests together. They can make up a talented couple who will embody a project. In fact, it is a union of two geniuses, with a girl of another sign of the zodiac, he can not so get along. That is why it is so important for him to find a like-minded person. As a result, such a marriage will be unconventional and happy.

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Horse Aquarius Man — Career and Finance

Their career is very strange. On the one hand they are excellent workers, they can work long and hard. However, there can be no elevations on the career ladder. This is due to incorrect goal setting. They should set one goal to achieve a good position. As a result of the rise of the career ladder, they will be able to achieve financial prosperity. Although money does not play a vital role for them.

All your actions and ideas should be carefully thought through. Only after this can you make decisions and go into battle. The opinion of other people can be an excellent help. Other men need not be pitied, it is worth it just to help. And your feelings are better spent on close people. You need to learn to rationally spend your time, throwing back unpromising thoughts and ideas. For them, rest is very important, so that there is no nervous overexertion.

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