Cancer Horse Man

Cancer-Horse man is very romantic, gentle, but unlike other Cancers does not differ much shyness. On the contrary, he likes to get acquainted with new people, is sociable and is always surrounded by many people. With him you can talk on any topic, but in public he always looks optimistic and cheerful. This is a self-sufficient guy who has everything in his life in his place and there is complete harmony in the soul.

These are special individuals who combine qualities such as resourcefulness and unpredictability. To understand the course of their thoughts is impossible, since they themselves do not see the logic afterwards. These are smart and quick-thinking men who can achieve everything, but not always with honest methods. They are freedom-loving and rarely obey even their parents. This quality is not encouraged by others, as their freedom is often absurd.

The character is ambitious, bold and unstable. They can not focus on one thing for a long time. They often find themselves in difficult situations because of this. They should clearly think about their plans and desires in order to subsequently embody them. The inconstancy of desire is their most important enemy. They like to learn and usually have a lot of knowledge, which often turns out to be useful, because in this case they select certain areas for study.

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Cancer Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love, he seems a caring and affectionate partner, who will be interested in everything related to the object of his love. He demands the same from her, but if he does not receive it, he will not speak out all his claims aloud. He prefers to experience all the emotions within himself, so he needs a woman who can unravel his mood and show maximum concern for him.

He from the earliest youth is in search of his worthy princess. He does not put forward any great demands on her, perhaps, that’s why he has practically no difficulties in his personal life. He is always surrounded by a lot of fans who want to conquer him. In choosing a partner, he seldom follows the mercantile interests, he needs a kindred spirit who can understand him.

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Cancer-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

In bed, he does not pretend to lead roles, completely trusting and relying on the experience of his partner. He is very important preparation, than the process itself. Therefore, he loves long foreplay, and from it waiting for a thorough preparation for a romantic dinner in the form of created scenery. It is flexible enough to refer to a new experience and does not seem too conservative here. However, he will be able to decide on this only with a partner whom he trusts.

Intimate relations occupy an important and important place in his life. Thanks to physical relationships, he will be able to tell his beloved about his feelings and help her to achieve pleasure. This is the person who can forget about his own needs, concentrating only on his beloved girl. He is very emotional, sensual and experiences the whole process very deeply and seriously.

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Cancer Horse Man in Family and Marriage

Marriage means a lot to him. This is a very domestic man, who is cozy only in his own house. He likes to tinker around the house, cook delicious meals and take care of children. To all his domestic duties he takes very seriously and tries to perform them at the proper level. Perhaps, this is the most ideal husband for any woman who can create a warm and cozy nest.

With great attention he will treat his wife. In turn, it requires protection from it and the same attention. If he does not get it all, he may even decide to leave it, but this happens very rarely. This is a very loyal partner who will never be able to decide on betrayal, even under the influence of any circumstances in life. Therefore, you can completely rely on it and trust it.

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Horse Cancer Man — Career and Finance

The financial affairs of these men are always on the edge. They do not know how to manage finances, they often do not think about tomorrow. They do not restrict their desires. These men achieve good career positions, earning good amounts, but not always their income corresponds to the expenditure. They need to learn how to plan their budget and do not focus on money only. With such an approach, the career will not become for them the purpose of receiving rewards, but will become a pleasure.

These men should take a lesson in accepting help from other people. They can become more successful by allowing themselves this. Also, intuition and the ability to see the desires of others should become the main determinants in any relationship. You have to take yourself with all the flaws and virtues. It’s good to work, but rest for these people will not hurt. Travel will help restore strength and achieve goals in the best possible way.

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