Capricorn Horse Man

Capricorn-Horses men are filled with a sense of duty and responsibility. They know how to carry out all their business. Achieve their own help their analytical abilities, as well as the ability to plan all their next steps. In addition, they have excellent performance, when they can do several things at once and perform them very well. Therefore, they almost always seek their own.

These men are characterized by a complex character, which manifests itself in their eccentricity, misunderstanding of themselves. These are energetic natures who can use their strength for various purposes. All their goals are correlated with the future, and very far, forgetting about today. They should learn a new understanding of life, that everything here and now, and then may not come, even with all their confidence in it.

These men have not only a strong character, but they can still diplomatically conduct all their affairs. At the same time, they exhibit special rigidity. Often they can not give up this rigidity in communicating with close people and friends, which can alienate almost everyone from them. If they learn to switch, then it will be easy for them to achieve all the set goals, because in this case, the close ones will support them.

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Capricorn Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

All his feelings and emotions he used to keep locked up. So you rarely see him angry or very upset. If something does not suit him in his personal relationships, he will most likely take any action to normalize relations or take a decision to part ways. It is impossible to roll up tantrums and manipulate them, and is unlikely to use it.

It is a stable and very reliable partner, which is aimed at finding the same girl. He can not be tempted by short-term intrigues and novels, since the main goal in his life is to create a stable family. Despite the fact that he has a tough and rather domineering character, in his personal relations he tries to use a democratic approach and solve all the problems that arise together and by the method of mutual concessions.

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Capricorn-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him are not the most important in his life. He treats them like a simple physical relationship, from which you can enjoy. But to hang in the clouds, as well as build any illusions, he is not used. The same can be said about the feelings that he also used to restrain and not show. Therefore, many mistresses can feel a little indifferent attitude.

He is used to experiencing all emotions with his mind. And it is difficult for him to express them with the help of the body language. Only an experienced and loving girl can help him open up, but for this it is necessary to first earn his trust. It should be noted that in bed he is quite conservative, so he can flatly refuse to experience any new experiments and get a new experience.

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Capricorn Horse Man in Family and Marriage

Kind, sympathetic and faithful is obtained from him and her husband. Even if he is unhappy in a marriage, he is unlikely to decide on treason, keeping his wife faithful. Despite its hard nature, inside it is a very gentle and affectionate person who needs the attention of people close to him. To them he is strongly attached and can not even imagine his life without them. In particular, it concerns his children, who mean a lot to him.

In marriage, he enters already at a more mature age. His youth he prefers to spend in order to unlearn, build a career and feel firmly on his feet. After that, he can switch to the attention that the opposite sex has to him. I must say that from it turns out to be a wonderful master who will be able to manage with all domestic chores skillfully.

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Horse Capricorn Man — Career and Finance

They have a vivid ability to manage finances. These men have a nose for doing certain things. This allows them to achieve excellent results. He does not make a career, but build their own business. Insight allows you to calculate all their actions for a few steps forward. With the harm of partners, they part with them without regrets. They love to see how their ideas acquire material values.

These men do not know how to relax, but sometimes you should allow yourself a little rest. It is important to accept change, as they can become the basis for a better life. Getting friends and acquaintances should trust them more, as this will allow them to get more help and privileges from communicating with interesting people. With them, they can achieve good results without large investments of energy.

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