Gemini Horse Man

The Gemini-Horse man has an irrepressible character and it’s hard for him to stop on anything, as he is constantly on the move. It is impossible not to mention his special dexterity, curiosity and sharp mind. Due to these qualities, he easily ignites a new passion and can achieve in him quite a lot. However, they are not constant, so they often jump from one case to another.

These are bright and extraordinary personalities. They are endowed with a variety of talents that allow them to achieve everything in life. They have natural magnetism, so they subordinate the people completely and irrevocably. Realizing their talents, they often come to exhaustion, so they should rationally use their powers. At the same time, they are of a complex nature, often they are loners.

Difficulties in communication are the main drawback of their character. In the rest it is strong, clever and purposeful persons. They can achieve their goals, never refuse to implement bold ideas. Persistence always helps them, but it’s not always like other people. Communication is important for them, because they want to express their thoughts and feelings, but they hardly make friends.

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Gemini Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Impulsiveness is the main feature of a boyfriend in love. He was accustomed to openly and express his feelings directly, so if a woman attracted him, he would definitely let her know about it. In ways to get her attention, he can use a variety of methods, some of which can even cause shock. However, establishing relationships with him, it is necessary to remember his independence, which he expresses very clearly.

To impose his feelings on him or manipulate them with him will not work. He loves his freedom and will defend it until the end. Despite the fact that outwardly he seems to be an easy and understandable person and very willingly accepts courtship from the opposite sex, it is not easy to build relationships with him. To understand his wayward character will be a sincere person who will be able to penetrate deep into his heart and melt it.

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Gemini-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him mean a lot, so he gives them an important place in his life. Despite his independent and confident appearance, he needs support, caress and care from his beloved. He is kind, sensual and always knows what his partner needs. Its only drawback is that it is too concentrated only on itself, which can be the cause of misunderstanding.

To the new experience and sensations, he treats positively. Often, he himself becomes their initiator, and then his imagination has no limit. Unlike other guys, for making love, he does not need a special atmosphere in the form of lit candles, prepared bedroom and a romantic dinner. He does not tolerate the commonness and banality, so to defeat it, you need to use other principles.

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Gemini Horse Man in Family and Marriage

He is not very neat owner, as it is difficult for him to maintain the necessary order in the house. He also does not know how to form a family budget, and all his earnings can be spent in one day. But he knows how to decorate the house and will be able to receive guests well. He is very fond of children, with whom he will communicate on an equal footing and come up with interesting games. He needs an understanding woman who could accept him as he is.

From it turns out a sweet, caring and kind husband. He is incredibly cordial and can provide good support at the right time. Also, we can not fail to note his optimism, thanks to which he can easily dispel a difficult situation and again recreate the world. His wife should remember that he can not stay in one place for a long time. Therefore, he needs changes and various joint visits.

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Horse Gemini Man — Career and Finance

The career of these men must be connected with speech and communication so that they can achieve not only success, but also recognition. It is extremely important for them to receive recognition, therefore they strive for it with all their might. They can achieve good positions with appropriate efforts. They do not know how to manage finances. Even earning a lot, they often find themselves completely without money. They should carefully plan the budget so that they do not need.

These men are recommended to diminish self-confidence. They must understand that there are difficult situations, which can not be obtained without assistance. His temper is worth controlling, and also does not become eloquent in a talkative person. Their households need to be given freedom of choice, so that everyone is happy and happy. Otherwise, they will always be accompanied by quarrels.

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