Leo Horse Man

The Leo-Horse man is a very passionate and energetic person. He does not know how to hide his feelings and is accustomed to instantly tell them about the world around him. Activity is its main feature, therefore to sit in one place, dream and wait for something, it will not. In the process of work, he never leaves his optimism and show high efficiency. Therefore, he almost always achieves his goals.

The fate of these men is in their hands. They can build everything from the very beginning, by following the path of kindness and mercy. When building a destiny, it is necessary to pay attention to other people, since a hike on the heads must necessarily negatively affect their lives. If they choose the right path, they can achieve the best from life and these are not only material goods, but also a variety of interesting events and joyful existence.

These men are very serious about any business. They perform actions purposefully and do not turn off the path. At the same time they are looking for support in close people and friends. This is their ability to see in other props to achieve excellent results. They are demanding of themselves and others, so being close to them is quite difficult. Their diverse talents must be realized, otherwise they will not be able to become happy.

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Leo Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Choosing a partner for himself, he tries to make it fully consistent with his ideal, this attentive, beautiful and rich woman who will admire him and love. Surprisingly, he manages to find such a representative in everyday life. For his part, he is very generous with emotions, but he is notable for impermanence, especially in his youth. So, he can make a few novels or change lovers quite often.

Cheerful, optimistic and self-confident, he easily attracts the attention of the opposite sex. He likes to be in the center of attention, what he uses very well. In love, he acts as a very bright, affectionate and active partner who is ready for all sorts of nonsense and passion. He himself can not know what will end his novel and how long it will last, because he lives only with his feelings.

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Leo-Man, born in the Horse year, in the Bed

Intimate relationships for him occupy an important place in his life. Thanks to them, he gets the opportunity to show off and feel like a beloved, desired man. He has excellent talents, which he easily excites and drives women mad. And if he still set a goal, then no one can withstand his charms. In bed, he prefers a classic relationship, but not against the new experience.

Due to his restless and active nature, he will not be able to find harmony with a slow girl. He has his rhythm, which should be met, and it is not always easy to do it. If he sees that his mistress does not correspond to his ideal, then he is capable of quite caustic and terse remarks. But, do not answer the same, because his pride is the most painful place, which he can never forgive.

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Leo Horse Man in Family and Marriage

He is very fond of children who will be brought up in love and help develop all their talents. From it you get a good owner, who will be able to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. But he must get at least some return, which will inspire him. Therefore, he will be able to approach an understanding and sensitive woman who will take all his lessons and not put before him too many demands.

Getting along with him under one roof is not a simple matter. This is a very freedom-loving guy who will defend his independence in any way. In addition, he has a lot of his interests, hobbies and not always for the sake of the family he is ready to leave them. All this does not mean that he does not want to create a family. On the contrary, he really needs it, but he is not going to make it only one sphere of his life.

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Horse Leo Man — Career and Finance

Career for them is an important area in which they can express their thoughts, talents and knowledge. They are actively engaged in raising the career ladder from the very youth. They want to achieve a lot and usually they quickly rise to the heights. However, along the way, it is worth taking relatives and friends, otherwise it may seem lonely on top. With the finance they skillfully address, can make profitable investments.

The love of loved ones can turn out to be transitory, since they often put too much pressure on them. This negatively affects relations, leads to breaks. You can not use men in your own interests, as this can do you a disservice. It is necessary to face the truth, to give up dreams and illusions. This will help focus on large and worthy goals. It is necessary to become more confident and more mature in relations with representatives of the opposite sex.

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